HPPCC Prem and Div1

Prem  2nd September / Div 1 3rd September

Entries should be made preferably via the online system OR by mail using entry cards or the Excel entry card and accompanied by a cheque made payable to Holme Pierrepont Canoe Club to Ian Redfearn, 21 Villiers Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 6FR.

You can enter and pay on line and see which entries have been received (and accepted) at https://www.canoeslalomentries.co.uk  

If you are not on the list then I have not received your entry yet. There will be a small fee to cover transaction costs - 2.2% of your entry fee + 45p for the transaction. If you are entering K1 and C1 at the same time you will only pay the extra 45p once.

Entry fee for each day is £19.50 per race, online entries will pay £20.38

The higher fee does not apply to postal entries, though you will have to send a properly completed card with a cheque and put a stamp on the envelope.

Paddle Ups will go on the waiting list until 4th August, and after that the enable entry button will be released to allow payment to be made. Waiting list is in order of entry received. Please note I still have Div 1 paddlers on the wait list for the Sunday - so unlikely to get Paddle ups.

NOTE: it is a requirement for hosting this event that BAs are worn whenever crossing the side of the course.

Canoe Slalom Entries

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Entries Accepted To Date

Please note this is a list of entries only, the running order may well be different.

A list of RTC code meanings is at the bottom of the entries page.


Prem K1M (75 entries)

131Aaron WhiteJ16Snowdonia CC
106Ross ForshawJ16CR Cats
72Jay AndersonJ16Breadalbane CC
70Joshua LucasJ16Lee Valley PC
59Thomas MayerJ14Stafford & Stone CC
54Oscar Cano MoleJ16Tandridge Blades
47Mike MitchellMWyedean CC
40Edward DickinsonJ16Stafford & Stone CC
34Harvey MerrifieldJ16Taunton CC
30Callum WallingJ18Shepperton SCC
11William AbbottJ18Mold CC
101Arron GodfreyJ18Stafford & Stone CC
££99Joshua JacksonU23Holme Pierrepont CC
98Finlay Yates-JonesJ16Llandysul Paddlers
96Louis McDermottJ18Lee Valley PC
95Liam J BrownJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
94Carwyn LavisJ18Brecon CC
93Matthew CookeJ16Manchester CC
92Andrew DouglasJ18Aberdeen KC/Hydra Sport
89Ben MossJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
88Etienne StottSViking KC
87Jacob TaylorJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
85Ben KellyJ16Strathallan CC
84Ross DixonJ16Lee Valley PC
83Dougal McPetrieJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
82Alastair GillJ16Manchester CC
81Callum MacEachenJ18Breadalbane CC
80Matthew CurryJ18Lee Valley PC
79Finn Reilly-McQueenJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
78Zak PrinceJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
77Huw ButterworthJ18Llandysul Paddlers
75Robert FernieJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
74Vittorio PezzaioliJ16CR Cats
73Sean WaineJ16Green Star CC
68Andy LairdMCopeland CC
65Peter WillettSStafford & Stone CC
63Caspian RixU23Bradford & Bingley CC
61Ethan BarrettJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
60Kurts Adams RozentalsJ16Stafford & Stone CC
59Michael BrownU23CR Cats
58Archie SymesJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
56Steffan WalkerSLlandysul Paddlers
54John DickinsonMStafford & Stone CC
49Robin VaseySStafford & Stone CC
48Connor LenihanU23Lee Valley PC
45Mark WignallMIndependent/epd
43Ben HaylettJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
41James DixonSHolme Pierrepont CC
40Sam MaingayJ18Stafford & Stone CC
39Joe MoorhouseU23Green Star CC
38Jake BrownJ18Tees Tigers
37William TaylorU23Holme Pierrepont CC
35Isaac BarkerU23Stafford & Stone CC
33Thomas NewmanJ18Tyne Valley CC
32David PatersonJ18Manchester CC/Manchester
30Robert HoldwaySStafford & Stone CC
29Luke SmythU23Lee Valley PC
28Duncan EdwardsJ18Breadalbane CC
26Anan HawkesU23Bradford & Bingley CC/HydraSports
25Jonny DicksonJ16CR Cats/Jem Racing
24Mike DickinsonJ18Stafford & Stone CC
23Etienne ChappellJ16Seren Dŵr
22Peter LinkstedJ18Stirling & Falkirk CC/CST GLOBAL
21Elliott DavidsonU23Manchester CC
20Rob NeaveSStafford & Stone CC
19Ewan VernonJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
18Sam MossU23Holme Pierrepont CC
16Ben TeasdaleU23Tees Tigers
15Oliver GilbertU23Viking KC
13Stuart GerrieSAberdeen KC
11Jonathan AtkinsonU23Proteus CC/Hydrasports
10James CooperU23Seren Dŵr/Team Squarerock
9Paul SunderlandU23Stafford & Stone CC
8Remi BaudotSNottingham Surf Club
3Zachary AllinU23Tees Tigers

Prem K1W (52 entries)

60Rachel EllisJ14Lee Valley PC
56Joanna Blythe-ShieldsJ14Lee Valley PC
37Holly AtkinsJ16Lee Valley PC
31Verity BlakeyJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
21Jada SenarJ16Independent
16Ella RedfearnJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
10Kirsten EatockU23County Antrim PS
8Anna BurbidgeJ16Lee Valley PC
1Hannah ClementsU23Shepperton SCC
61Ellie BrownJ18Tees Tigers
60Mairi EdwardsJ16Breadalbane CC
59Macey CalvertJ16Lee Valley PC
58Jessica MagsonJ18Stafford & Stone CC
57Shannon JudgeJ16Stafford & Stone CC
56Maia HarrisonJ16Lee Valley PC
55Natasha PottingerJ18Strathallan CC
54Bethany SizerJ18Lee Valley PC
£53Carys Grey-ThompsonJ16Tees Tigers
52Katie McDermottJ16Lee Valley PC
51Laura MilneJ18Stirling & Falkirk CC
50Katie BainbridgeJ16Tees Tigers
49Bethan PalmerU23Bala CC
48Sally AtkinsonMProteus CC
46Jessica RaynerJ16Brecon CC
45Amy HowarthJ18Bradford & Bingley CC
44Jessica TaylorJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
43Evie WatsonJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
40Bethany CarolJ18Bala CC
39Lili BryantJ16Llandysul Paddlers
38Kayleigh ParsonsJ18Shepperton SCC
36Evie FletcherJ18Holme Pierrepont CC/Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions
35Hannah OwenJ16Lee Valley PC
34Ellis MillerJ16Lee Valley PC
32Isabel FryJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
31Rachel BrownJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
28Hannah ThomasJ16Lee Valley PC
27Grace ScaplehornJ18Seren Dŵr/Hornbill
26Cara LeeU23Bala CC
25Eloise MeakinsSSt Albans & Hertsmere CC
24Lois LeaverJ16CR Cats/Projecx/IPWI
23Isabelle BushrodJ18Seren Dŵr
22Esme DurrantJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
21Nikita SetchellJ18Holme Pierrepont CC/Jem Racing
19Madelaine JenningsJ18Breadalbane CC
17Daisy CooilJ16Tees Tigers/Hydrasports
16Sophie OgilvieJ18CR Cats
14Amber MaslenSPinkston Panthers/The Phantom project
13Helen RogersU23CR Cats
12Rebecca OgilvieJ18CR Cats
10Victoria MurrayU23Breadalbane CC
8Hannah BaileySStafford & Stone CC
5Amy HollickU23Manchester CC

Prem C1M (30 entries)

40Iain McBrideJ16Breadalbane CC
23Liam J BrownJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
17Danny CoxJ16Lee Valley PC
13Zak PrinceJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
48Andrew CrowhurstJ18Sheffield CC
47Kurts Adams RozentalsJ16Stafford & Stone CC
46Adam JohnstoneSHydrasports/TJ Composites
44Duncan EdwardsJ18Breadalbane CC
43James KettleJ16Lee Valley PC
42Ben HaylettJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
40Robert FernieJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
39Joshua MayoJ18Lee Valley PC
37Vittorio PezzaioliJ16CR Cats
36James GibbonsJ18Llandysul Paddlers/NELO, TJ Composites, Reed
34William FotheringhamJ18Strathallan CC
33Jake CoxJ18Lee Valley PC
29Andrew RodenSStafford & Stone CC
27Ben MossJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
26Jacob BarrettJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
22Robert HarrattU23Stafford & Stone CC
21Sam MaingayJ18Stafford & Stone CC
18Peter LinkstedJ18Stirling & Falkirk CC/CST GLOBAL
15James ConeyU23Seren Dŵr
14Andrew KettlewellU23Viking KC
13Patrick MarriottU23Break Out CC
9William ConeyU23Seren Dŵr
8Remi BaudotSNottingham Surf Club
7Rhys DaviesSBala CC
6Angus GibsonU23Strathallan CC
3Will SmithU23Winchester & District CC

Prem C1W (24 entries)

26Joanna Blythe-ShieldsJ14Lee Valley PC
22Breagh MacphersonJ16Breadalbane CC
9Vanessa HumphreyU23Shepperton SCC
8Macey CalvertJ16Lee Valley PC
7Anna-Louise GlendenningSProteus CC
4Bethany SizerJ18Lee Valley PC
29Ella RedfearnJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
28Jada SenarJ16Independent
27Sophie WinfieldJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
24Maia HarrisonJ16Lee Valley PC
23Jessica MagsonJ18Stafford & Stone CC/Hydra Sports
22Katie McDermottJ16Lee Valley PC
20Evie FletcherJ18Holme Pierrepont CC/Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions
19Kate KentMProteus CC
18Rachel BrownJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
17Hannah ThomasJ16Lee Valley PC
16Ellis MillerJ16Lee Valley PC
15Esme DurrantJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
14Non DingleJ18Seren Dŵr
13Evie WatsonJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
12Emily DaviesU23Bala CC/Bala
11Hannah OwenJ16Lee Valley PC
10Daisy CooilJ16Tees Tigers/Hydrasports
5Sophie OgilvieJ18CR Cats

Prem C2 (1 entry)

3James Roden / Andrew RodenSStafford & Stone CC

Prem Vet (2 entries)

10Peter CarolVBala CC
3Paul BeeverVHolme Pierrepont CC

Officials (21 entries)

147Klass Francisks RozentalsDiv 2 K1M 147J12Stafford & Stone CC
123Ben BottingDiv 1 K1M 123J16Holme Pierrepont CC
115George HarrattDiv 1 K1M 115J14Stafford & Stone CC
114Cody BrownDiv 1 K1M 114J12Lower Wharfe CC/Leodis Print Ltd
113Thomas MerrifieldDiv 1 K1M 113J14Taunton CC
109William KirkDiv 1 K1M 109J16Sheffield CC
107Elliott MasseyDiv 1 K1M 107J18Break Out CC
99Martyn SetchellDiv 1 K1M 99MHolme Pierrepont CC/Jem Racing
70Carla FryDiv 1 K1W 70J14Holme Pierrepont CC
63Louise FernieDiv 1 K1W 63J14Holme Pierrepont CC
62Lucy CundellDiv 1 K1W 62J14Green Star CC
55Rose MitchellDiv 1 K1W 55MWyedean CC
48Luke KevaneDiv 1 K1M 48J14Lower Wharfe CC
45Alison SetchellVet Prem/1 K1W 45VHolme Pierrepont CC/Jem Racing
45Liam BrownDiv 1 K1M 45J16Lower Wharfe CC
38Eve OvingtonDiv 1 K1W 38J14Lower Wharfe CC
33Reilly VernonDiv 1 K1M 33J16Holme Pierrepont CC
29Isobel PapaspyridisDiv 1 K1W 29J16Friends of Allonby
28Jack BurrowDiv 1 C1M 28J16Kingston KC
22Chris WoodDiv 1 K1M 22MLee Valley PC
17Les FordDiv 1 K1M 17MHalifax CC

Waiting List

Although this list is approximately in order there may be additional entries not shown on this list, eg paddlers waiting for bib number confirmation. These paddlers may be higher up the list than you.

Officials118Luc RoyleDiv 1 K1M Bib 118J14Stafford & Stone CC
Officials30Christopher RoyleDiv 2 K1M Bib 30J14Stafford & Stone CC
Officials81Robert GillespieDiv 1 K1M Bib 81J16Aberdeen KC
Officials149Robert GuestDiv 1 K1M Bib 149J12Manchester CC
Officials142Furqan Yusuf MughalDiv 2 K1M Bib 142J14Holme Pierrepont CC/HPP
Officials144Iwan LavisDiv 1 K1M Bib 144J16Brecon CC
Officials75Graham RobertsDiv 1 K1M Bib 75SIndependent
Officials22Irina MedunyakDiv 1 K1W Bib 22SIndependent
Officials3Paul BeeverVet Prem/1 K1M Bib 3VHolme Pierrepont CC
Officials33Thomas NewmanPrem K1M Bib 33J18Tyne Valley CC
Prem K1M91Romain BertrandPrem K1M Bib 91SPinkston Panthers
Officials19Theo LunnyDiv 1 K1M Bib 19J16Shepperton SCC
Officials44Theo LunnyDiv 1 C1M Bib 44J16Shepperton SCC
Officials69Oliver BlackDiv 2 K1M Bib 69J16Manvers WBC
Prem K1M60Danny TaylorDiv 1 K1M Bib 60J14Viking KC
Prem K1M87Matt McDiarmidDiv 1 K1M Bib 87J16Breadalbane CC
Prem K1M86Lorenzo CuttsDiv 1 K1M Bib 86J18Snowdonia Slalom Eryri
Prem K1M48Luke KevaneDiv 1 K1M Bib 48J14Lower Wharfe CC
Prem C1M9Jonathan LiDiv 1 C1M Bib 9J18Stafford & Stone CC
Prem K1M35Dominic AstonDiv 1 K1M Bib 35J18Shepperton SCC
Prem C1M7Alfie BooteDiv 1 C1M Bib 7J16Stafford & Stone CC/Hydrasports
Prem K1M38Chester SoftleyDiv 1 K1M Bib 38J16Tees Tigers/Persimmon Homes/Kingspan
Prem K1M10James KettleDiv 1 K1M Bib 10J16Lee Valley PC
Prem K1M21Ryan CrossDiv 1 K1M Bib 21J16Holme Pierrepont CC
Prem K1M98Ioan DaviesDiv 1 K1M Bib 98J16Seren Dŵr
Prem K1M32Angus HulbertDiv 1 K1M Bib 32J16Breadalbane CC
Prem K1M37Dan HosieDiv 1 K1M Bib 37J18Aberdeen KC
Prem K1M42Ben HosieDiv 1 K1M Bib 42J16Aberdeen KC
Prem K1M92Dave RawdingDiv 1 K1M Bib 92MKingston KC
Prem K1W23Holly WyllieDiv 1 K1W Bib 23J16Breadalbane CC
Prem K1W41Sophie IveyDiv 1 K1W Bib 41J16Tees Tigers
Prem C1M46Joseff RoundDiv 1 C1M Bib 46J16Snowdonia CC
Prem K1M118Luc RoyleDiv 1 K1M Bib 118J14Stafford & Stone CC
Prem K1M66Jack KellettDiv 1 K1M Bib 66J16CR Cats
Prem C1M29Jack KellettDiv 1 C1M Bib 29J16CR Cats
Prem C1M8Dougal McPetrieDiv 1 C1M Bib 8J16Holme Pierrepont CC
Prem K1M103Sam RolfeDiv 1 K1M Bib 103J16Mold CC
Prem K1M81Robert GillespieDiv 1 K1M Bib 81J16Aberdeen KC
Prem K1W15Sophie WinfieldDiv 1 K1W Bib 15J16Holme Pierrepont CC
Prem K1M3Richard StalkerDiv 1 K1M Bib 3U23Copeland CC
Prem C1M28Jack BurrowDiv 1 C1M Bib 28J16Kingston KC
Prem K1M33Reilly VernonDiv 1 K1M Bib 33J16Holme Pierrepont CC
Prem K1W11Mairi EdwardsDiv 1 K1W Bib 11J16Breadalbane CC
Prem K1M51Ben NicolDiv 1 K1M Bib 51U23Frome CC
Prem K1M57Haydon HanbyDiv 1 K1M Bib 57J18Matlock CC
Prem K1M110Sam BryantDiv 1 K1M Bib 110J14Llandysul Paddlers
Prem K1W39Catrin SchroderDiv 1 K1W Bib 39J14Llandysul Paddlers
Prem C1M49Mark ColemanDiv 1 C1M Bib 49MIndependent/RNKA
Prem C1W17Grace ScaplehornDiv 1 C1W Bib 17J18Seren Dŵr/Hornbill
Prem K1W22Irina MedunyakDiv 1 K1W Bib 22SIndependent
Prem C1M51David MitchellDiv 1 C1M Bib 51J16Wyedean CC
Prem K1M143William ThomasDiv 1 K1M Bib 143J16Lee Valley PC
Prem K1M44Dion DaviesDiv 1 K1M Bib 44J16Llandysul Paddlers
Prem K1W77Carla GordonDiv 1 K1W Bib 77J14Holme Pierrepont CC
Prem K1M145Matthew ElliottDiv 1 K1M Bib 145J14Llandysul Paddlers
Prem K1W47Ellen PedenDiv 1 K1W Bib 47J16CR Cats
Prem K1W35Sophie FletcherDiv 1 K1W Bib 35J16Strathallan CC
Prem K1W43Sally FairbrassDiv 1 K1W Bib 43U23Bradford & Bingley CC/bradford and bingley cc
Prem K1M19Theo LunnyDiv 1 K1M Bib 19J16Shepperton SCC
Prem C1M44Theo LunnyDiv 1 C1M Bib 44J16Shepperton SCC
Prem K1M36Pretam GurungDiv 1 K1M Bib 36J18Breadalbane CC
Prem C1M57Cody BrownDiv 1 C1M Bib 57J12Lower Wharfe CC/Leodis print
Prem K1M127Ken LawsonDiv 1 K1M Bib 127SStafford & Stone CC/Army Canoe Union


Div 1 K1M (85 entries)

165Christopher RoyleJ14Stafford & Stone CC
164Finn MacDonaldJ14Breadalbane CC
163Oliver BlackJ16Manvers WBC
161David MasonJ14Wyedean CC
£***160Ben BrownJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
£***158Edward McDonaldJ12Holme Pierrepont CC/dssmith
157Matthew OwensJ16Copeland CC
153Dylan Tomkinson-BurdenJ14Lee Valley PC/LVPC
151Gabriel KeenJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
149Robert GuestJ12Manchester CC
148Eliot WoodJ14Halifax CC
145Matthew ElliottJ14Llandysul Paddlers
144Iwan LavisJ16Brecon CC
143William ThomasJ16Lee Valley PC
142Daniel ReesJ14Llandysul Paddlers
141James GrocockJ16Stafford & Stone CC
137Jack PerchardU23Break Out CC
131Aaron WhiteJ16Snowdonia CC
130Kyle SpoonerJ18Taunton CC
129Jack O'ConnorJ14Lee Valley PC
127Ken LawsonSStafford & Stone CC
126Vawn Humphrey-WilsonJ18Laburnum BC
124Jacob BurtonJ18Wyedean CC
123Ben BottingJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
122Timothy AllenJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
120Alasdair McMullenSStrathallan CC
118Luc RoyleJ14Stafford & Stone CC
117Matt StephensSEvesham Paddle Monsters
115George HarrattJ14Stafford & Stone CC
114Cody BrownJ12Lower Wharfe CC/Leodis Print Ltd
113Thomas MerrifieldJ14Taunton CC
110Sam BryantJ14Llandysul Paddlers
109William KirkJ16Sheffield CC
107Elliott MasseyJ18Break Out CC
106Ross ForshawJ16CR Cats
105Daniel LaffordJ16Wyedean CC
103Sam RolfeJ16Mold CC
99Martyn SetchellMHolme Pierrepont CC/Jem Racing
98Ioan DaviesJ16Seren Dŵr
97Robert GravesMIndependent
£***96Max CooperJ18Proteus CC
94Steve StarkeyMLlandysul Paddlers
93William LaffordJ16Wyedean CC
87Matt McDiarmidJ16Breadalbane CC
86Lorenzo CuttsJ18Snowdonia Slalom Eryri
81Robert GillespieJ16Aberdeen KC
78Clive MerrifieldMTaunton CC
75Graham RobertsSIndependent
72Jay AndersonJ16Breadalbane CC
70Joshua LucasJ16Lee Valley PC
66Jack KellettJ16CR Cats
63Elliot DavisJ18Cheltenham CC
60Danny TaylorJ14Viking KC
59Thomas MayerJ14Stafford & Stone CC
58Thomas SillinceJ18Stafford & Stone CC
57Haydon HanbyJ18Matlock CC
56Jack BurrowJ16Kingston KC
54Oscar Cano MoleJ16Tandridge Blades
52Gavin Cooper AMSeren Dŵr
51Ben NicolU23Frome CC
50Matt WardSCheltenham CC
48Luke KevaneJ14Lower Wharfe CC
47Mike MitchellMWyedean CC
45Liam BrownJ16Lower Wharfe CC
44Dion DaviesJ16Llandysul Paddlers
41Anthony BarkerMStafford & Stone CC
40Edward DickinsonJ16Stafford & Stone CC
37Dan HosieJ18Aberdeen KC
36Pretam GurungJ18Breadalbane CC
35Dominic AstonJ18Shepperton SCC
34Harvey MerrifieldJ16Taunton CC
33Reilly VernonJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
££32Angus HulbertJ16Breadalbane CC
30Callum WallingJ18Shepperton SCC
29Mick BerwickMStafford & Stone CC
25Andrew CrowhurstJ18Sheffield CC
22Chris WoodMLee Valley PC
21Ryan CrossJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
19Theo LunnyJ16Shepperton SCC
17Les FordMHalifax CC
12Alistair McCarthyJ18Viking KC
11William AbbottJ18Mold CC
10James KettleJ16Lee Valley PC
3Richard StalkerU23Copeland CC
2Robert HarrattU23Stafford & Stone CC

Div 1 K1W (41 entries)

£***87Beth WalkerJ16West Yorkshire CC
84Rebecca HarrattJ14Stafford & Stone CC
80Amber WhittakerJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
77Carla GordonJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
76Grace BlackJ14Manvers WBC
74Ellen WatsonJ16Tees Tigers
73Amelie BrownJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
71Olivia AldersonJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
70Carla FryJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
65Macy KangJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
63Louise FernieJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
62Lucy CundellJ14Green Star CC
60Rachel EllisJ14Lee Valley PC
56Joanna Blythe-ShieldsJ14Lee Valley PC
55Rose MitchellMWyedean CC
54Hannah MatchettU23Matlock CC
52Alison LonghurstMCheltenham CC
49Heather LindsayU23Lower Wharfe CC
47Ellen PedenJ16CR Cats
44Molly KnightJ16Cheltenham CC
43Sally FairbrassU23Bradford & Bingley CC/bradford and bingley cc
41Sophie IveyJ16Tees Tigers
40Ruth BramleyJ14Llandysul Paddlers
39Catrin SchroderJ14Llandysul Paddlers
38Eve OvingtonJ14Tees Tigers
37Holly AtkinsJ16Lee Valley PC
35Sophie FletcherJ16Strathallan CC
32Catherine RobertsU23Manchester CC
31Verity BlakeyJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
29Isobel PapaspyridisJ16Friends of Allonby
28Evie MerrittJ16Llandysul Paddlers
25Kate KentMProteus CC
23Holly WyllieJ16Breadalbane CC
22Irina MedunyakSIndependent
21Jada SenarJ16Independent
19Keira DavidsonJ18Manchester CC
16Ella RedfearnJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
15Sophie WinfieldJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
10Kirsten EatockU23County Antrim PS
8Anna BurbidgeJ16Lee Valley PC
1Hannah ClementsU23Shepperton SCC

Div 1 C1M (23 entries)

60Joshua QuickJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
59Dylan Tomkinson-BurdenJ14Lee Valley PC
54Gabriel KeenJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
53William JarvisJ16Stafford & Stone CC
51David MitchellJ16Wyedean CC
50Thomas MayerJ14Stafford & Stone CC
46Joseff RoundJ16Snowdonia CC
44Theo LunnyJ16Shepperton SCC
40Iain McBrideJ16Breadalbane CC
39Luc RoyleJ14Stafford & Stone CC
38Edward DickinsonJ16Stafford & Stone CC
29Jack KellettJ16CR Cats
28Jack BurrowJ16Kingston KC
27Liam BrownJ16Lower Wharfe CC
26Jacob TaylorJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
23Liam J BrownJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
22Sean WaineJ16Green Star CC
17Danny CoxJ16Lee Valley PC
14Raoul ChappellU23Seren Dŵr
13Zak PrinceJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
9Jonathan LiJ18Stafford & Stone CC
8Dougal McPetrieJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
7Alfie BooteJ16Stafford & Stone CC/Hydrasports

Div 1 C1W (15 entries)

34Amber WhittakerJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
32Carla FryJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
30Carla GordonJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
28Louise FernieJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
27Olivia AldersonJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
26Joanna Blythe-ShieldsJ14Lee Valley PC
23Rachel EllisJ14Lee Valley PC
22Breagh MacphersonJ16Breadalbane CC
21Holly AtkinsJ16Lee Valley PC
19Shannon JudgeJ16Stafford & Stone CC
17Grace ScaplehornJ18Seren Dŵr/Hornbill
9Vanessa HumphreyU23Shepperton SCC
8Macey CalvertJ16Lee Valley PC
7Anna-Louise GlendenningSProteus CC
4Bethany SizerJ18Lee Valley PC

Div 1 C2 (0 entries)

Div 1 Vet (3 entries)

45Alison SetchellVHolme Pierrepont CC/Jem Racing
10Peter CarolVBala CC
5Bob GrundyVHarefield Paddlers

Officials (16 entries)

147Klass Francisks RozentalsDiv 2 K1M 147J12Stafford & Stone CC
142Furqan Yusuf MughalDiv 2 K1M 142J14Holme Pierrepont CC/HPP
77Huw ButterworthPrem K1M 77J18Llandysul Paddlers
48Sally AtkinsonPrem K1W 48MProteus CC
46Jessica RaynerPrem K1W 46J16Brecon CC
45Amy HowarthPrem K1W 45J18Bradford & Bingley CC
44Jessica TaylorPrem K1W 44J18Holme Pierrepont CC
*43Ben HaylettPrem K1M 43J16Holme Pierrepont CC
38Jake BrownPrem K1M 38J18Tees Tigers
37William TaylorPrem K1M 37U23Holme Pierrepont CC
33Thomas NewmanPrem K1M 33J18Tyne Valley CC
27Kate LyndonDiv 2 K1W 27J12Green Star CC
24Lois LeaverPrem K1W 24J16CR Cats/Projecx
21Nikita SetchellPrem K1W 21J18Holme Pierrepont CC/Jem Racing
16Ben TeasdalePrem K1M 16U23Tees Tigers
3Paul BeeverVet Prem/1 K1M 3VHolme Pierrepont CC

Waiting List

Although this list is approximately in order there may be additional entries not shown on this list, eg paddlers waiting for bib number confirmation. These paddlers may be higher up the list than you.

Div 1 K1W8Karen DickinsonDiv 2 K1W Bib 8MStafford & Stone CC
Div 1 K1M79Joshua QuickDiv 2 K1M Bib 79J14Holme Pierrepont CC
Div 1 C1M48William ThomasDiv 2 C1M Bib 48J16Lee Valley PC
Div 1 K1M142Furqan Yusuf MughalDiv 2 K1M Bib 142J14Holme Pierrepont CC/HPP
Div 1 C1M42Edward McDonaldDiv 2 C1M Bib 42J12Holme Pierrepont CC/dssmith
  • £ - paddler owes money
  • ££ - paddler has overpaid
  • * - card required
  • ** - signature required