Washburn Div 2 & Open

Washburn Div 2  - 22/23 April

Unfortunately  we have been advised by Yorkshire Water that they are only able to  provide a water release for one day on the upcoming Div 2 race weekend.  (Briefly, the issue is that they can only release if there is capacity  in lower reservoirs for the water released, and there is limited  capacity downstream). Those who know the Washburn will be aware that we  can not run a race without a water release from the dam.

Therefore the Washburn Div 2 & Open race on 22/23 April will now only be a single day race on Saturday 22nd April.

We know this will be a disappointment to all those that have entered for Sunday,  but it is completely outside of our control, and is the first time in  many years of Washburn events that this has happened.  We will be  arranging refunds of Sunday's entry fees in due course. 

We  also appreciate that some paddlers will now be travelling long  distances for single day of racing - we hope you will still come, as our  team of volunteer will still be on site from Friday morning to ensure we are set up for the race (and we'll still have nice cakes!) 

 Yorkshire Slalom Committee 

Double - 1st race Saturday, 2nd race Sunday
Limited camping for tents and caravans at The Woodyard, 3 miles from the site
Limit 150

Sat Nav HG3 4BB 

Canoe Slalom Entries

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Entries Accepted To Date

Please note this is a list of entries only, the running order may well be different.

A list of RTC code meanings is at the bottom of the entries page.


Div 2 K1M (39 entries)

157Sam PatemanU23Break Out CC
139Hayden GillMManchester CC
135Timothy BarryJ14Manchester CC
134Ben AdamsJ14Tees Tigers
128Stan LawlerJ16Halifax CC
126Charlie O'HareJ16Bradford & Bingley CC
121Alexander CurwenJ16Manchester CC
98John StonerMBreak Out CC
95Jonathan PicknettMBradford & Bingley CC
93Sam WoolleyJ16Manchester CC
91Mark CastMMidland CC
90Paul WoodMHalifax CC
86Dylan Tomkinson-BurdenJ14Lee Valley PC
85Callum MasseyJ14Break Out CC
83Ben BrownJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
80Mark SimesMIndependent
79Joshua QuickJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
78Jeremy RixMBradford & Bingley CC
75Edward McDonaldJ12Holme Pierrepont CC
74Patrick DawsonMProteus CC
73Sam DullehanJ16Manchester CC
71David CookeMManchester CC
69Oliver BlackJ16Manvers WBC
67Robert GuestJ12Manchester CC
62Cameron FordJ12Bradford & Bingley CC
54William ThomasJ16Lee Valley PC
52William HanhamMIndependent
46James HastingsMLee Valley PC
43Finn MacdonaldJ14Breadalbane CC
41Gabriel KeenJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
31Matthew CrowhurstU23Sheffield CC
30Christopher RoyleJ14Stafford & Stone CC
24Padraig CowanJ14Breadalbane CC
18Richard AdkinsMIbstock CC
17Ryan MatchettJ18Matlock CC
14Matthew OwensJ16Copeland CC
13Harvey GrovesJ16Stafford & Stone CC
7Aaron KirkJ16Break Out CC
6Callum LovattU23Matlock CC

Div 2 K1W (17 entries)

80Beth WalkerJ16West Yorkshire CC
50Tabitha PercyJ16Mad Paddlers
30Izabela KeenJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
27Kate LyndonJ12Green Star CC
26Alice SnapeSGreen Star CC
25Grace BlackJ14Manvers WBC
23Jenny HammondMNinebanks CC
22Aimee CecilJ18Manchester CC
20Bryony AgarJ16Ninebanks CC
18Amber WhittakerJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
17Kirsty ForbesJ16Aberdeen KC
14Jesse AndersonJ14Breadalbane CC
10Ellen WatsonJ16Tees Tigers
8Karen DickinsonMStafford & Stone CC
4Julie KolbMBradford & Bingley CC
3Keira PearceJ14Stafford & Stone CC
1Sally Cresswell CastU23Matlock CC

Div 2 C1M (12 entries)

7William ThomasJ16Lee Valley PC
42Edward McDonaldJ12Holme Pierrepont CC
40Cameron FordJ12Bradford & Bingley CC
37Oliver BlackJ16Manvers WBC
24Dylan Tomkinson-BurdenJ14Lee Valley PC
22Jack PetersJ18Bradford & Bingley CC
19Cody BrownJ12Lower Wharfe CC/Leodis Print
16Mark DaviesMManchester CC
15Christopher RoyleJ14Stafford & Stone CC
12Jay AndersonJ16Breadalbane CC
11Gabriel KeenJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
6William KirkJ16Sheffield CC

Div 2 C1W (6 entries)

20Izabela KeenJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
19Grace BlackJ14Manvers WBC
18Macy KangJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
16Amelie BrownJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
12Molly AgarU23Ninebanks CC
7Carys Grey-ThompsonJ16Tees Tigers

Div 2 C2 (2 entries)

££14Jack Peters / George EastwoodJ18Bradford & Bingley CC
11Cody Brown / Luke KevaneJ14Lower Wharfe CC

Div 2 Vet (3 entries)

8Mark FairbrassMBradford & Bingley CC
3Tony O'ConnellSBradford & Bingley CC
2Eamon HastingsMBradford & Bingley CC

Officials (16 entries)

135James LyndonDiv 1 K1M 135J18Green Star CC
107Elliott MasseyDiv 1 K1M 107J18Break Out CC
73Amelie BrownDiv 1 K1W 73J16Holme Pierrepont CC
73Sean WainePrem K1M 73J16Green Star CC
64Stuart VidlerDiv 3 K1M 64MHalifax CC
62Lucy CundellDiv 1 K1W 62J14Green Star CC
48Luke KevaneDiv 1 K1M 48J14Lower Wharfe CC
40Edward DickinsonDiv 1 K1M 40J16Stafford & Stone CC
38Eve OvingtonDiv 1 K1W 38J14Lower Wharfe CC
29Isobel PapaspyridisDiv 1 K1W 29J16Friends of Allonby
25Chester SoftleyDiv 1 C1M 25J16Tees Tigers/Persimmon Homes/kingspan
17Daisy CooilPrem K1W 17J16Tees Tigers/Hydrasports
17Les FordDiv 1 K1M 17MHalifax CC
16Jake SheffieldDiv 1 K1M 16U23Bradford & Bingley CC
10Andrew CrowhurstDiv 1 C1M 10J18Sheffield CC
10Tim DeykinDiv 2 K1M 10MManchester CC

Open (2 entries)

43Sally FairbrassDiv 1 K1W 43U23Bradford & Bingley CC/Bradford and Bingley CC
7Matthew CookeDiv 1 K1M 7J16Manchester CC


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