2019Aberfeldy Div 3/4

This competition has been rescheduled from 16th March and become a one day competition

Canoe Slalom Entries

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Entries Accepted To Date

Please note this is a list of entries only, the running order may well be different.

A list of RTC code meanings is at the bottom of the entries page.


Div 3 K1M (15 entries)

216David GlendenningMHexham CC/Green Star CC
187Logan MorrisonJ14CR Cats/CR CAT
174Jamie HarveyJ10Breadalbane CC
143Alistair RossJ12Strathallan CC
114Ken BaillieMAberdeen KC
112Lewis McCartneyJ16Edinburgh Schools KC
108Angus SetteringtonJ12CR Cats
102Murray E WeirJ12Breadalbane CC
97Stuart MacDonaldSCR Cats
80Talu AysanJ12Lee Valley PC
69Calum McDonaldJ14CR Cats
34Robert McNeillJ12CR Cats
24Matthew TelferJ12Forth CC
14Joseph GrettonJ14Breadalbane CC
5Thomas SetteringtonJ14CR Cats

Div 3 K1W (6 entries)

93Adeline HumphreyJ12CR Cats
83Charlotte CraigJ16Edinburgh Schools KC
28Aimee CameronJ12CR Cats
25Emma MacDonaldJ12CR Cats
6Kimberly McIntyreSPinkston Panthers
2Sarah StubleyMCR Cats

Div 3 C1M (3 entries)

42Talu AysanJ12Lee Valley PC
24Luca Cano-MoleJ14Tandridge Blades
12Fergus DavieJ12Breadalbane CC

C2 (1 entry)

14Ryan Dodd / Chloe GlendenningSHexham CC/Green Star CC

Vets (2 entries)

95Steve HarrattVStafford & Stone CC
14Darren ShipVStafford & Stone CC

Div 4 K1M (12 entries)

999Leo GooljaryJ14Edinburgh Schools KC
999Coll McDonaldJ8Strathallan CC
999Brodan McDonaldJ12Strathallan CC
999Andrew CarrJ12Strathallan CC
999Alastair McDonaldJ10CR Cats
999Brodie SabaJ12Breadalbane CC
999Jack Gordon StrathdeeJ12Aberdeen KC
999Gregor JacquesJ10CR Cats
999Davidlee lawrenceJ12Breadalbane CC
999Marc AndersonMAberdeen KC
999Liam SchamrelJ14Breadalbane CC
999Matthew ThomsonJ10Forth CC

Div 4 K1W (4 entries)

999Josephine CarrJ10Strathallan CC
999Karleigh CooperJ14Pinkston Panthers
999Macy AndersonJ12Aberdeen KC
999Susie GloverJ12Breadalbane CC

Div 4 C1M (1 entry)

999David GlendenningMHexham CC

Div 4 C1W (1 entry)

999Iona PatrickJ14Edinburgh Schools KC

Officials (11 entries)

999Iona PatrickC1W J14Edinburgh Schools KC
999Davidlee lawrenceK1M J12Breadalbane CC
153Alex ThomsonDiv 2 K1M 153J12CR Cats/Forth CC
149Woody ReidDiv 2 K1M 149J14Aberdeen KC
121Arthur JacquesDiv 2 K1M 121J14CR Cats
77Rhiannon ThompsonDiv 2 K1W 77J16Pinkston Panthers
20George HarrattDiv 1 C1M 20J16Stafford & Stone CC
11Milan AysanDiv 1 C1M 11J16Lee Valley PC
11Mark CardnoDiv 3 K1M 11MAberdeen KC
9Jim WallisDiv 2 C1M 9MPinkston Panthers
2Anna-Louise GlendenningDiv 1 C1W 2SProteus CC