2019Alva 3/4


We look forward to welcoming you to our September Div 3/4  Slalom event, held at our site on the River Devon.

Facilities: There is camping in the field (£2.50 per person). For those not camping there will be a charge for parking to help cover the costs of the toilets. There is a water supply and there will be toilet facilities. Please park cars on perimeter of field and leave space in the middle for the kids to play.

There will be a cafe serving food, drinks and cakes from breakfast onwards.

Course will be available for practise on Friday night.

Online entries (please!) will be taken up to 5pm Friday 13th September; entries will be accepted on the day. Event starts at 12noon. 

Further information including a guide on how to use online entries for your race is available on the CR Cats website https://crcats.org/

Canoe Slalom Entries

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Entries Accepted To Date

Please note this is a list of entries only, the running order may well be different.

A list of RTC code meanings is at the bottom of the entries page.


Div 3 K1M (18 entries)

300Matthew R ThomsonJ10CR Cats
296Thomas SrodzinskiJ14Edinburgh Schools KC
294Alastair McDonaldJ10CR Cats
292Liam SchamrelJ14Breadalbane CC
279Marc AndersonMAberdeen KC
266Nick MainMCR Cats
259Brodan McDonaldJ12Strathallan CC
258Shaun RossMStrathallan CC
253Douglas KnoxJ10Pinkston Panthers
252Alistair ThackerJ10CR Cats
251David KnoxMPinkston Panthers
227Gregor JacquesJ10CR Cats
224Andrew CarrJ12Strathallan CC
182Adam KnoxJ14Pinkston Panthers
72Aidan ThackerJ12CR Cats
69Calum McDonaldJ14CR Cats
11Mark CardnoMAberdeen KC
2Steven PottingerMStrathallan CC

Div 3 K1W (10 entries)

157Ailsa McNabJ16Forth CC
150Francesca MainJ10CR Cats
149Sophie CameronJ12CR Cats
148Freya PryceJ14Edinburgh Schools KC
139Josephine CarrJ10Strathallan CC
104Esme PriceJ12CR Cats
93Adeline HumphreyJ12CR Cats
86Poppy Gibb-KennyJ16Forth CC
83Charlotte CraigJ16Edinburgh Schools KC
25Emma MacDonaldJ12CR Cats

Div 3 C1M (5 entries)

66Andrew CarrJ12Strathallan CC
65Matthew TelferJ12Forth CC
62Woody ReidJ14Aberdeen KC
52Arthur JacquesJ14CR Cats
51Matthew CameronJ14CR Cats

Div 3 C1W (1 entry)

6Hannah TooveyJ12CR Cats

C2 (3 entries)

921Ryan Mallon / Claire WilsonJ14CR Cats
921Ross Claydon / Woody ReidSCR Cats
920Andrew Carr / Josephine CarrSStrathallan CC

Div 4 K1M (20 entries)

118Andrew FowlerMCR Cats
117Adam WoodJ12Aberdeen KC
116Tom DoddMCrewe & Nantwich CC
115Colin GardnerMPinkston Panthers
114Findlay HutchisonJ12CR Cats
113Ross McHardyJ12Aberdeen KC
112Ruaraidh FowlerJ12CR Cats
£111Will StevelyJ12Edinburgh Schools KC
£110Marcus SinclairJ14CR Cats
109Shahriar NabiliMPinkston Panthers
108Bruce FowlerJ10CR Cats
107Joel GardnerJ10Pinkston Panthers
106Sam DoddJ10CR Cats
105Nevis weirJ12CR Cats
105Leo GooljaryJ14Edinburgh Schools KC
104Oliver PlankJ14CR Cats/CR Cats
103Coll McDonaldJ8Strathallan CC
102ArchieJ14CR Cats
£101Sam StevelyJ12Edinburgh Schools KC
100Jack TooveyJ8CR Cats

Div 4 K1W (5 entries)

205Bethany ThackerJ8CR Cats
204Zooey MainJ8CR Cats
203Kirsten DrummondJ16Forth CC
202Florence PriceJ10CR Cats
200Eleanor HutchisonJ10CR Cats

Div 4 C1M (1 entry)

901Calum McDonaldJ14CR Cats

Div 4 C1W (1 entry)

910Macy-Jayne AndersonJ12Aberdeen KC

Officials (20 entries)

21Ross ClaydonDiv 2 C1M 37J14CR Cats
20Woody ReidDiv 2 K1M 149J14Aberdeen KC
19Stuart MacDonaldDiv 2 K1M 190SCR Cats
18Alistair RossDiv 2 K1M 195J12Strathallan CC
17Murray RobbDiv 1 K1M 85J14CR Cats
16Catie ThomsonPrem C1W 28J18CR Cats
15Nigel ThackerDiv 3 K1M 55MCR Cats
14Macy-Jayne AndersonDiv 2 K1W 107J12Aberdeen KC
13Helena NabiliDiv 2 K1W 101J10Pinkston Panthers
12Kimberly McIntyreDiv 2 K1W 91SPinkston Panthers
11Catherine JonesDiv 2 K1W 60SCR Cats
10Matthew TelferDiv 2 K1M 165J12Forth CC
9Geoff WearsDiv 2 K1M 125SCR Cats
7Andrew BrownDiv 2 K1M 106MCR Cats
6Ryan MallonDiv 1 C1M 42J14CR Cats
5Irvine McDonaldDiv 1 K1M 145J14Strathallan CC
4Cameron BrownDiv 1 K1M 144J14CR Cats
3Nathan NabiliDiv 1 K1M 142J14Pinkston Panthers
2James BrownDiv 1 K1M 44J16CR Cats
1Sam LeaverPrem K1M 77J16Edinburgh Schools KC/Projecx
  • £ - paddler owes money