Lee Valley Prem/British Open

This competition is designated an ICF ranking race and priority will be given to Premier and International paddlers and therefore paddle up opportunities may be limited.

The race will be run to a Championship Format with Qualification on Saturday and Semifinal/Final on Saturday. Progression to Semifinal/Final  will be as per ICF rules and the final race results will determine the winners of the British Open and the awarding of ranking points. 

Race Entries
Online entry is only available for U.K. ranked paddlers and International entrants must enter through their National Federation and contact the organiser to arrange payment of entry fees.

Invitational Race - Sunday Morning
Any competitor who does not qualify for the semi-finals can enter a 1-run invitational race on Sunday morning.  Please note that only competitors who register for the race by 18:00 hrs on Saturday evening will be included in the start list for the Sunday race.

Canoe Slalom Entries

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Entries Accepted To Date - 166 days to go.

Please note this is a list of entries only, the running order may well be different.

A list of RTC code meanings is at the bottom of the entries page.


Prem K1M (19 entries)

97Sam MilesSStafford & Stone CC
91Lorenzo CuttsU23Snowdonia CC/Holme Pierrepont CC
89Daniel ReesJ16Llandysul Paddlers
88James GrocockJ18Stafford & Stone CC
85Ross ForshawJ18CR Cats/Lomond Plant / Ultimate Shrine Autos
77Sam LeaverJ16Edinburgh Schools KC/Projecx
69Aaron WhiteJ18Snowdonia CC
63Sam BryantJ16Llandysul Paddlers
59Jack O'ConnorJ16Independent
53Harvey MerrifieldJ18Taunton CC
51Matthew CookeJ18Manchester CC
33Zak PrinceU23Holme Pierrepont CC
29Finlay Yates-JonesJ18Llandysul Paddlers/Vajda
19Sam MossU23Holme Pierrepont CC
18Robert FernieJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
13Jonathan AtkinsonU23Proteus CC
10Jake BrownU23Tees Tigers
8James BaileySStafford & Stone CC
4Ciaran Lee EdwardsSLlandysul Paddlers

Prem K1W (20 entries)

56Rachel EllisJ16Lee Valley PC/Neustar
54Carla GordonJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
53Kirsten EatockU23Holme Pierrepont CC
45Kayleigh ParsonsU23Shepperton SCC
44Louise FernieJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
43Ruth BramleyJ16Llandysul Paddlers/McDonalds
40Joanna Blythe-ShieldsJ16Independent
38Carys Grey-ThompsonJ18Tees Tigers/Lower Wharfe
36Ellie BrownJ18Tees Tigers/Holme Pierrepont CC
35Eve OvingtonJ16Lower Wharfe CC
34Macy KangJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
30Catrin SchroderJ16Llandysul Paddlers
28Mallory FranklinSWindsor & District CC
25Olivia HooperU23Holme Pierrepont CC
21Daisy CooilJ18Tees Tigers/Vajda
16Bethan ForrowJ18Lee Valley PC
15Helen RogersSCR Cats
10Lili BryantJ18Llandysul Paddlers
9Gabrielle RidgeU23Llandysul Paddlers
7Lois LeaverJ18Edinburgh Schools KC/Projecx

Prem C1M (5 entries)

34Luc RoyleJ16Stafford & Stone CC/FMS
33Joseff RoundJ18Snowdonia CC
16Robert FernieJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
15James KettleJ18Lee Valley PC
12Zach PearsonJ18Holme Pierrepont CC/Alexandra Workwear

Prem C1W (7 entries)

28Catie ThomsonJ18CR Cats/Forth CC
20Louise FernieJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
16Rachel EllisJ16Lee Valley PC/Neustar
15Joanna Blythe-ShieldsJ16Independent
13Mallory FranklinSWindsor & District CC
10Bethan ForrowJ18Lee Valley PC
5Daisy CooilJ18Tees Tigers/Vajda

C2 (1 entry)

1Harvey Merrifield / Thomas MerrifieldJ18Taunton CC

Vets (2 entries)

37Chris HowellsVLee Valley PC
7Bob GrundyVHarefield Paddlers

Waiting List

Please be aware that the order of the waiting list will change as your relative position on the ranking lists changes.

Although the list is in order (based on current rankings) there may be additional entries not shown on this list, eg paddlers waiting for bib number confirmation. These paddlers may be higher up the list than you.

Prem K1M7Matthew ElliottDiv 1 K1M Bib 7J16Llandysul Paddlers
Prem K1M6Luc RoyleDiv 1 K1M Bib 6J16Stafford & Stone CC/FMS
Prem K1M26Thomas MerrifieldDiv 1 K1M Bib 26J16Taunton CC
Prem C1M9Gabriel KeenDiv 1 C1M Bib 9J16Holme Pierrepont CC
Prem K1M19Jacob BurtonDiv 1 K1M Bib 19U23Wyedean CC
Prem K1M54Robert GuestDiv 1 K1M Bib 54J14Manchester CC
Prem K1W20Grace BlackDiv 1 K1W Bib 20J16Manvers WBC
Prem K1M40David MasonDiv 1 K1M Bib 40J16Wyedean CC/Wyedean CC
Prem C1M5David MitchellDiv 1 C1M Bib 5J18Wyedean CC
Prem K1M50Ben BrownDiv 1 K1M Bib 50J16Holme Pierrepont CC
Prem K1M17Mike MitchellDiv 1 K1M Bib 17MWyedean CC
Prem K1M53Jacob LinesDiv 1 K1M Bib 53J16Frome CC
Prem C1M30Philip SmithDiv 1 C1M Bib 30J16Winchester & District CC
Prem K1M38Alexander CurwenDiv 1 K1M Bib 38J18Manchester CC
Prem K1W67Erika BaranauskaiteDiv 1 K1W Bib 67SHolme Pierrepont CC
Prem K1M59Tim BarryDiv 1 K1M Bib 59J16Manchester CC
Prem K1M61Christopher RoyleDiv 1 K1M Bib 61J16Stafford & Stone CC
Prem K1M103Ben FarrellDiv 1 K1M Bib 103J16Seren Dŵr
Prem K1W15Sally AtkinsonDiv 1 K1W Bib 15MProteus CC
Prem K1M105Philip SmithDiv 1 K1M Bib 105J16Winchester & District CC
Prem K1W51Sennah Nader-HumphriesDiv 1 K1W Bib 51J14Wyedean CC
Prem K1M106Sam Rice-JonesDiv 1 K1M Bib 106J14Mold CC
Prem K1M107James JacksonDiv 1 K1M Bib 107J16Croesyceiliog CC
Prem K1M101Woody SouthDiv 1 K1M Bib 101J14Lee Valley PC
Prem C1M27Woody SouthDiv 1 C1M Bib 27J14Lee Valley PC
Prem K1W52Zoe Blythe-ShieldsDiv 1 K1W Bib 52J12Independent
Prem C1M1Joshua MayoDiv 1 C1M Bib 1U23Lee Valley PC