2019Dart Country Park Div 2/3/4/Open

Received postal entries will be added to the lists here.

The div 2, 3 and open event will be on the river whilst the div 4 event will run on the adjacent lake.

All competitors regardless of how they entered and spectators will need to pay an entrance fee to the country park.  This is £8 per person and covers you for both days so keep your ticket.  It includes your car parking and means you can use the park facilities which will be open (there are a few extra Dare Devil activities which are not included in the entry price and tokens have to be bought for). Information on the park itself can be found at riverdart.co.uk

For the most up to date event information please look at canoe slalom website.  

  • Organiser: Mike Mitchell
  • Email: dartslalom@gmail.com
  • Club: South West Canoe Slalom Committee
  • Date(s): 26/27 October

Canoe Slalom Entries

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Entries Accepted To Date

Please note this is a list of entries only, the running order may well be different.

A list of RTC code meanings is at the bottom of the entries page.



Div 2 K1M (16 entries)

184Bob TillingMNewbury CC
134James Coolican SmithJ16Wyedean CC
130William KettleJ14Lee Valley PC
128Benjamin HarveyJ14Breadalbane CC
123Thomas ArrowsmithJ14Midland CC
102Harvey PittJ14Stafford & Stone CC
95Phil CopelandSStroud Valley CC
89Luke RobinsonJ14Break Out CC
88John KentMFrome CC
82Ian LawMWinchester & District CC
78Jacob LawJ14Winchester & District CC
64James ReadMThe Sharks/Holme Pierrepont CC
51Nick ArrowsmithMMidland CC
44Jack EvansJ14Telford CC/Rosewood Pet Products
25Tony ChalkMStroud Valley CC
15Jesse DaviesJ18Stroud Valley CC

Div 2 K1W (7 entries)

109Millie StantonJ14Wyedean CC
97Jody BarkerSIndependent
79Oriana PerottiMCheltenham CC
64Aicha MasrourJ14Independent
37Leonie MerrifieldMTaunton CC
24Lucy KeitchJ18Taunton CC
9Julie KolbMBradford & Bingley CC

Div 2 C1M (1 entry)

40Steven GreenSWorcester CC

Div 2 C1W (1 entry)

8Julie KolbMBradford & Bingley CC

C2 (1 entry)

12Clive Merrifield / Mike MitchellMTaunton CC/Wyedean

Vets (9 entries)

77Julie HallVIndependent
74Avis NoottVBristol CC
63Alison LonghurstVCheltenham CC
51Fred DoodeyVWorcester CC
49Malcolm PearceyVIndependent
48Allan TylerVCastle CC
28Paul MarshallVPoole Harbour CC
21John MacLeodVCheltenham CC
8Nigel EvansVTelford CC

Div 3 K1M (15 entries)

357Bill RichmondMPoole Harbour CC
349Sam RollsJ14Wyedean CC
301Alex BoudriaJ10Frome CC
199Herbie StainesJ12Lee Valley PC
195Jack RollsJ16Wyedean CC
103Joseph WhittingtonJ12Frome CC
92Ronnie WesterbyJ14Poole Harbour CC
82Samuel StroudJ12Taunton CC/Taunton Canoe Club
62Brian WesterbySPoole Harbour CC
41Daniel RobinsonSReading CC
35Ben WalkerJ18Frome CC/Stour Valley Canoe Club
27Nigel GreeningMStroud Valley CC
22Oaken HobbyJ16Poole Harbour CC
19Peter HobbyMPoole Harbour CC
18Harry StantonJ14Wyedean CC

Div 3 K1W (5 entries)

165Alice CoombesJ10Shepperton SCC
151Elizabeth YoungJ12Stroud Valley CC
122Iona CatchpoleJ14Llandysul Paddlers
70Megan PowellJ10Taunton CC/Taunton Canoe Club
19Jane CopelandMStroud Valley CC

Div 3 C1M (3 entries)

45Herbie StainesJ12Lee Valley PC
9Tony ChalkMStroud Valley CC
4James ReadMThe Sharks/Holme Pierrepont CC

Officials (2 entries)

106Thomas MerrifieldPrem K1M 106J16Taunton CC
72Aimee CollinsDiv 1 K1W 72J14Frome CC