Holme Pierrepont 1/2/Pan Celtic

Canoe Slalom Entries

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Entries Accepted To Date - 138 days to go.

Please note this is a list of entries only, the running order may well be different.

A list of RTC code meanings is at the bottom of the entries page.


Div 1 K1M (37 entries)

115Oliver SnowdenJ16Mold CC
112Harry JoyceJ14Shepperton SCC/Llandysul Paddlers
110Charlie Hodsdon WestJ14Lee Valley PC
109Prakas GurungJ16Breadalbane CC
105Philip SmithJ16Winchester & District CC
103Ben FarrellJ16Seren Dŵr
97Archie TaylorJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
95Craig BrownMProteus CC
87Oliver CooperJ14Seren Dŵr
86Felix NeweyJ16Wyedean CC
84Ben BottingJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
81Duncan OughtonSNottingham KC
78Michael HuddlestanMRibble CC
62James RennieJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
59Tim BarryJ16Manchester CC
58Gavin CooperMSeren Dŵr
56Gabriel KeenJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
55Oliver LorenzJ14North Wales Slalom
54Robert GuestJ14Manchester CC
53Jacob LinesJ16Frome CC
50Ben BrownJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
48Padraig CowanJ16Breadalbane CC
44James BrownJ16CR Cats
43Klass Francisks RozentalsJ14Stafford & Stone CC
39Les FordMHalifax CC
38Alexander CurwenJ18Manchester CC
36Edward McDonaldJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
35Robert HarrattU23Stafford & Stone CC
34Dylan Tomkinson-BurdenJ16Independent
28Milan AysanJ16Lee Valley PC
22Danny TaylorJ16Viking KC
19Jacob BurtonU23Wyedean CC
15William LaffordJ18Wyedean CC
9Cameron HaroldJ18Aberdeen KC
8Daniel LaffordJ18Wyedean CC
5Andrew CrowhurstU23Sheffield CC
4Carl SunderlandSStafford & Stone CC

Div 1 K1W (16 entries)

57Tiegan JudgeJ14Stafford & Stone CC
56Jutta KaiserSProteus CC
54Mazel BrownJ14Proteus CC
51Sennah Nader-HumphriesJ14Wyedean CC
46Rebecca HarrattJ16Stafford & Stone CC
45Eden TurnerJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
32Tazmin BrownJ16Proteus CC
27Sally FairbrassSBradford & Bingley CC
23Grace ShardlowJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
20Grace BlackJ16Manvers WBC
19Olivia AldersonJ16Holme Pierrepont CC/Communication Workers Union
18Kate KentMProteus CC
15Sally AtkinsonMProteus CC
11Lydia LaffordJ16Wyedean CC
6Hannah ClementsU23Shepperton SCC/HydraSports
2Amy HowarthU23Bradford & Bingley CC/HydraSports

Div 1 C1M (15 entries)

38Jacob LinesJ16Frome CC
34Luke KevaneJ16Lower Wharfe CC/vajda talent
31Ben BrownJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
30Philip SmithJ16Winchester & District CC
25James RennieJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
21William JarvisJ18Stafford & Stone CC
20George HarrattJ16Stafford & Stone CC
18Dylan Tomkinson-BurdenJ16Independent
12Edward McDonaldJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
11Milan AysanJ16Lee Valley PC
10Jack Hodsdon WestJ16Lee Valley PC
9Gabriel KeenJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
7Sonny ShevillJ16Lee Valley PC
3Edward DickinsonJ18Stafford & Stone CC
1Joshua MayoU23Lee Valley PC

Div 1 C1W (8 entries)

25Anya WhartonJ14Snowdonia CC
24Eden TurnerJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
12Charlotte LucasJ16Lee Valley PC
11Hannah ClementsU23Shepperton SCC/Llandysul Paddlers
10Grace ShardlowJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
7Olivia AldersonJ16Holme Pierrepont CC/Communication Workers Union
2Anna-Louise GlendenningSProteus CC
1Carla GordonJ16Holme Pierrepont CC

C2 (1 entry)

6Joel Scott / Benja ScottSProteus CC

Vets (7 entries)

92Joel ScottVProteus CC
70Alison SetchellVHolme Pierrepont CC
65Tracy WellsVProteus CC
63Alison LonghurstVCheltenham CC
61Vember BrownVProteus CC
44Jim WallisVPinkston Panthers
43Nick TaylorVViking KC

Officials (5 entries)

51Matthew CookePrem K1M 51J18Manchester CC
38Cameron BrownDiv 2 K1M 38J14CR Cats
35David CookeDiv 2 K1M 35MManchester CC
15Sally AtkinsonDiv 1 K1W 15MProteus CC
14Alice SnapeDiv 2 K1W 14SGreen Star CC

Waiting List

Please be aware that the order of the waiting list will change as your relative position on the ranking lists changes.

Although the list is in order (based on current rankings) there may be additional entries not shown on this list, eg paddlers waiting for bib number confirmation. These paddlers may be higher up the list than you.

Div 1 K1W10Charlotte LucasDiv 2 K1W Bib 10J16Lee Valley PC
Div 1 K1W12Aimee CollinsDiv 2 K1W Bib 12J14Frome CC
Div 1 K1W14Alice SnapeDiv 2 K1W Bib 14SGreen Star CC
Div 1 K1M38Cameron BrownDiv 2 K1M Bib 38J14CR Cats
Div 1 K1W19Karen DickinsonDiv 2 K1W Bib 19MStafford & Stone CC
Div 1 K1M53Louie GordonDiv 2 K1M Bib 53J14Holme Pierrepont CC
Div 1 K1M96Daniel JoyceDiv 2 K1M Bib 96J14Shepperton SCC
Div 1 C1M21Louie GordonDiv 2 C1M Bib 21J14Holme Pierrepont CC
Div 1 K1M130William KettleDiv 2 K1M Bib 130J14Lee Valley PC
Div 1 C1M33Klass Francisks RozentalsDiv 2 C1M Bib 33J14Stafford & Stone CC


Div 2 K1M (7 entries)

137Sam CurwenJ16Manchester CC
130William KettleJ14Lee Valley PC
105Maxi ScottJ10Proteus CC
96Daniel JoyceJ14Shepperton SCC
53Louie GordonJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
38Cameron BrownJ14CR Cats
35David CookeMManchester CC

Div 2 K1W (3 entries)

19Karen DickinsonMStafford & Stone CC
14Alice SnapeSGreen Star CC
10Charlotte LucasJ16Lee Valley PC

Div 2 C1M (4 entries)

33Klass Francisks RozentalsJ14Stafford & Stone CC
21Louie GordonJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
9Jim WallisMPinkston Panthers/SCOTLAND
7Charlie Hodsdon WestJ14Lee Valley PC

Div 2 C1W (1 entry)

2Jutta KaiserSProteus CC

C2 (1 entry)

6Joel Scott / Benja ScottSProteus CC

Vets (5 entries)

70Alison SetchellVHolme Pierrepont CC
65Tracy WellsVProteus CC
63Alison LonghurstVCheltenham CC
44Jim WallisVPinkston Panthers/SCOTLAND
6Steve HarrattVStafford & Stone CC

Officials (9 entries)

103Ben FarrellDiv 1 K1M 103J16Seren Dŵr
59Tim BarryDiv 1 K1M 59J16Manchester CC
54Robert GuestDiv 1 K1M 54J14Manchester CC
51Matthew CookePrem K1M 51J18Manchester CC
39Les FordDiv 1 K1M 39MHalifax CC
20George HarrattDiv 1 C1M 20J16Stafford & Stone CC
16Grace BlackDiv 1 C1W 16J16Manvers WBC
5Andrew CrowhurstDiv 1 K1M 5U23Sheffield CC
2Anna-Louise GlendenningDiv 1 C1W 2SProteus CC

PanCeltic K1M (5 entries)

115Oliver SnowdenDiv 1 K1M 115J16Mold CC
97Archie TaylorDiv 1 K1M 97J16Holme Pierrepont CC
87Oliver CooperDiv 1 K1M 87J14Seren Dŵr
55Oliver LorenzDiv 1 K1M 55J14North Wales Slalom
43Klass Francisks RozentalsDiv 1 K1M 43J14Stafford & Stone CC

PanCeltic K1W (2 entries)

51Sennah Nader-HumphriesDiv 1 K1W 51J14Wyedean CC/Pan Celtic
6Hannah ClementsDiv 1 K1W 6U23Shepperton SCC/HydraSports

PanCeltic C1M (1 entry)

21William JarvisDiv 1 C1M 21J18Stafford & Stone CC

PanCeltic C1W (2 entries)

25Anya WhartonDiv 1 C1W 25J14Snowdonia CC
11Hannah ClementsDiv 1 C1W 11U23Shepperton SCC/Llandysul Paddlers