2019Llandysul River Fest Div 2/3/4

The Division 2/3 Competition will be on the River

Division 4 on the lake Practice from 9am 

  • Organiser: Gareth Bryant
  • Email: lpslalom@aol.com
  • Club: Llandysul Paddlers
  • Date(s): 17 August

Canoe Slalom Entries

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Entries Accepted To Date

Please note this is a list of entries only, the running order may well be different.

A list of RTC code meanings is at the bottom of the entries page.


Div 2 K1M (13 entries)

P184Bob TillingMNewbury CC
179Alfie SymesJ14Frome CC
163Tim BevanU23Swansea University CC
141Oliver BunnJ12Croesyceiliog CC
134James Coolican SmithJ16Wyedean CC
133William BunnJ16Croesyceiliog CC
91Paul RickardsMSeren Dŵr
88John KentMFrome CC
82Ian LawMWinchester & District CC
78Jacob LawJ14Winchester & District CC
67Scott GriffithsSLlandysul Paddlers
64James ReadMThe Sharks/Holme Pierrepont CC
54Tecwyn WilliamsJ12Llandysul Paddlers

Div 2 K1W (9 entries)

96Laura HauMSeren Dŵr
89Anya WhartonJ14North Wales Slalom
82Hannah RhodesJ14Lee Valley PC
64Aicha MasrourJ14Independent
59Tavi MurrayMSeren Dŵr
57Brooke BensonJ14Stafford & Stone CC
55Poppy BooteJ16Stafford & Stone CC
23Jasmine WildeJ12Frome CC
22Hanna GriffithsJ14Llandysul Paddlers

Div 2 C1M (2 entries)

15Tecwyn WilliamsJ12Llandysul Paddlers
6Sam BryantJ16Llandysul Paddlers

Div 2 C1W (2 entries)

P24Hannah RhodesJ14Lee Valley PC
3Catrin SchroderJ16Llandysul Paddlers

C2 (3 entries)

999Freddie Rickards / Paul RickardsSSeren Dŵr
35Evan Rickards / Paul RickardsSSeren Dŵr
16John Kent / Andrew LyallMFrome CC

Vets (4 entries)

64Donna HawkinsVMatlock CC
46Roger PyvesVLlanrwst CC
36Robert GravesVIndependent
16Andrew LyallVFrome CC

Div 3 K1M (10 entries)

312Theo MiddletonJ14Frome CC
301Alex BoudriaJ10Frome CC
213Harry McKennaJ14Stafford & Stone CC
150Efan WeltonJ10Llandysul Paddlers
134Tomas IsaacJ12Croesyceiliog CC
103Joseph WhittingtonJ12Frome CC
43William SterryJ16Llandysul Paddlers
42Evan RickardsJ18Seren Dŵr
18Harry StantonJ14Wyedean CC
16Toby WildeJ14Frome CC

Div 3 K1W (11 entries)

167Rebecca OramU23Swansea University CC
144Katie HobbsU23Frome CC
143Lisa BellSFrome CC
111Sadie SterryJ12Llandysul Paddlers
100Imara MooreJ12Llandysul Paddlers
71Sophie ReidJ10Llandysul Paddlers
59Eiri O'ConnorJ12Llandysul Paddlers
57Seren HappsJ14Llandysul Paddlers
36Helen SterryMLlandysul Paddlers
30Maddie HobbsJ12Frome CC
15Millie StantonJ14Wyedean CC

Div 3 C1M (3 entries)

44Harry McKennaJ14Stafford & Stone CC
34Matthew ElliottJ16Llandysul Paddlers
4James ReadMThe Sharks/Holme Pierrepont CC

Div 3 C1W (1 entry)

5Brooke BensonJ14Stafford & Stone CC

Div 4 K1M (3 entries)

999Freddie RickardsJ12Seren Dŵr
999Bill RichmondMPoole Harbour CC
999Keith E HainesMFrome CC

Div 4 K1W (1 entry)

999Ellie McGregorJ12Independent

Div 4 C1W (1 entry)

999Julie VigorMFrome CC

Officials (8 entries)

64Mari WatkinsDiv 1 K1W 64U23Llandysul Paddlers
58Elsi PyvesDiv 1 K1W 58J16Llanrwst CC/Llanrwst Canoe Club
40David MasonDiv 1 K1M 40J16Wyedean CC
35David MasonDiv 1 C1M 35J16Wyedean CC
32Elliot DavisDiv 1 K1M 32U23Cheltenham CC
28May KellyDiv 1 C1W 28J14Independent
20Alfie BootePrem C1M 20J18Stafford & Stone CC
1Etienne ChappellPrem K1M 1J18Seren Dŵr/Llandysul Paddlers
  • P - promoted post-payment