2019Nene Div 4

Details for the competition will be updated as the date approaches on http://www.nckc.org.uk/slalom.
This may include traffic information, parking, catering etc. Please check before travelling.
There will also be a team event. Entries for this will be taken on the day, or by post.

Canoe Slalom Entries

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Entries Accepted To Date

Please note this is a list of entries only, the running order may well be different.

A list of RTC code meanings is at the bottom of the entries page.


Div 4 K1M (3 entries)

999Mark John GriffinJ10Break Out CC
999Oliver ShadwellJ12Lee Valley PC
999Oliver HawkinsJ12Break Out CC

Div 4 C1M (2 entries)

999Oliver ShadwellJ12Lee Valley PC
999Lucas MontgomeryJ14Break Out CC

Div 4 C1W (2 entries)

999Rhianna StiffinJ12Independent
999Elsa MontgomeryJ12Break Out CC

Officials (1 entry)

92John StonerDiv 2 K1M 92MBreak Out CC

Open K1M (5 entries)

91Frank GriffinDiv 3 K1M 91J14Break Out CC
86Lucas MontgomeryDiv 3 K1M 86J14Break Out CC
28Mark MontgomeryDiv 3 K1M 28MBreak Out CC
13Bob TillingDiv 3 K1M 13MNewbury CC
17Jamie ChristieDiv 2 K1M 17MBreak Out CC

Open K1W (5 entries)

68Elsa MontgomeryDiv 3 K1W 68J12Break Out CC
48Zara MontgomeryDiv 2 K1W 48J16Break Out CC
36Emma ChristieDiv 2 K1W 36J16Break Out CC
32Kerry ChristieDiv 2 K1W 32J16Break Out CC
25Molly SandercockDiv 2 K1W 25J16Break Out CC

Open C1M (1 entry)

20Jamie ChristieDiv 2 C1M 20MBreak Out CC

Open C1W (3 entries)

3Emma ChristieDiv 3 C1W 3J16Break Out CC
15Zara MontgomeryDiv 2 C1W 15J16Break Out CC
4Kerry ChristieDiv 2 C1W 4J16Break Out CC

Open C2 (1 entry)

999Kerry Christie / Emma ChristieC2 SBreak Out CC