2019 Slalom Reunion

For more information about the 2019 Slalom Reunion see the slalom reunion website  This system allows you to book into both the Slalom Reunion Racing and the dinner.  It is really designed for entering slaloms (replacing the old cards we remember so well) so is a bit convoluted for the meal - Sorry! If you are currently ranked then just enter as you would normally enter a race.  

If you are a non-paddler or not currently ranked then:

  1. Enter your email address below and follow instructions to login
  2. Select 'Non Paddler' as your class
  3. Click the button to add a paddler to the list.
  4. Enter your details (you can leave club blank or select your old club) and confirm.
  5. Once back on the entry page, click to 'enter' the meal

If you are bringing a partner/friend to the meal repeat steps 3 to 5 for them. Click the button to check out and pay.  Your account will be debited approx 3 weeks before the reunion.

Canoe Slalom Entries

Sign in here to enter slalom competitions online

Entries Accepted To Date - 54 days to go.

Please note this is a list of entries only, the running order may well be different.

A list of RTC code meanings is at the bottom of the entries page.


2019 Slalom Reunion (81 entries)

93Dave RoyleVets C1M 93VStafford & Stone CC
68Kay RoyleVets K1W 68VStafford & Stone CC
61Vember BrownVets K1W 61VProteus CC
49Malcolm PearceyVets K1M 49VIndependent
48Allan TylerVets K1M 48VCastle CC
37Chris HowellsVets K1M 37VLee Valley PC
35Peter GodfreyVets K1M 35VManchester CC
21John MacLeodVets K1M 21VCheltenham CC
9Tony O'ConnellVets K1M 9VBradford & Bingley CC
7Bob GrundyVets K1M 7VHarefield Paddlers
114Ken BaillieDiv 3 K1M 114MAberdeen KC
49Rose MitchellDiv 1 K1W 49MWyedean CC
95Craig BrownDiv 1 K1M 95MProteus CC
18Tony LeaverDiv 1 K1M 18SPhoenix CC
17Mike MitchellDiv 1 K1M 17MWyedean CC
999Cynthia BerryNon Paddler MPhoenix CC
999Pete JanesNon Paddler M
999Jeff SlaterNon Paddler Mz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Kate SlaterNon Paddler Mz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Jes taylorNon Paddler SChester S&CC
999Richard ArgueNon Paddler M
999Graham GoldsmithNon Paddler Sz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Jane GoldsmithNon Paddler Sz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Claire ShackletonNon Paddler MIndependent
999Ron HodgsonNon Paddler MHerts Young Mariners
999Richard (Rick) MooreNon Paddler M
999John ShackletonNon Paddler MIndependent
999Ken LangfordNon Paddler MStafford & Stone CC
999Jane WemyssHoldenNon Paddler SManchester CC
999Guy Wemyss-HoldenNon Paddler S
999mark wolkensteinNon Paddler SViking KC
999Sue PearceyNon Paddler MIndependent
999Hugh Innes Powell MantleNon Paddler Mz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Peter BellNon Paddler MStafford & Stone CC/Arrowcraft
999Melvin SwallowNon Paddler MChester S&CC
999Sarah SwallowNon Paddler MChester S&CC
999Allison HodgsonNon Paddler M
999George HodgsonNon Paddler M
999Matthew SykesNon Paddler MCherwell CC
999Mahnoush Sabeti-WainNon Paddler MChester S&CC
999Nick WainNon Paddler MChester S&CC
999Roger HuytonNon Paddler MBradford & Bingley CC
999Roy GarriockNon Paddler MRibble CC
999Roger J AnnanNon Paddler Sz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Lesley AnnanNon Paddler Sz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Mike J HillyardNon Paddler Mz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Mary HillyardNon Paddler Sz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Geoffrey E DinsdaleNon Paddler S
999Stephanie CoppockNon Paddler S
999Sophie Coppock GrundyNon Paddler S
999Catherine DinsdaleNon Paddler MLakeland CC
999Robin WilliamsNon Paddler M
999Mary SibleyNon Paddler SWindsor & District CC
999Julia DolanNon Paddler Mz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Jim DolanNon Paddler Mz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Jim SibleyNon Paddler MWindsor & District CC
999Paul James WoodNon Paddler MChester S&CC
999Lynne WoodNon Paddler MChester S&CC
999Dee LindesayNon Paddler S
999David LindesayNon Paddler S
999John GoslingNon Paddler S
999Jane GoslingNon Paddler S
999Julia J KayNon Paddler Mz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Paul WilsonNon Paddler Mz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Chris SkellernNon Paddler Mz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Penny SkellernNon Paddler Sz2019 Slalom Reunion
999James MorrisNon Paddler M
999Michelle WebbNon Paddler MCastle CC
999Chris BaillieNon Paddler Sz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Roger FoxNon Paddler Mz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Mel ReidNon Paddler Mz2019 Slalom Reunion
999David ManbyNon Paddler Mz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Alastair CurrieNon Paddler Mz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Jane CurrieNon Paddler Sz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Fred DoodeyNon Paddler S
999Rosie MacLeodNon Paddler Sz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Ross PeartonNon Paddler MHemel Hempstead CC
999Peter David KeaneNon Paddler Sz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Josh KeaneNon Paddler Sz2019 Slalom Reunion
999Susan P KeaneNon Paddler Sz2019 Slalom Reunion
77Sam LeaverPrem K1M 77J16Edinburgh Schools KC/Projecx