2019Scottish Championships

Organised by  Central Squad on behalf of SCA


The race is open to any paddler competent to race on Grandtully rapid in the conditions found on the day (autumn/winter levels). Non-ranked paddlers are welcome to enter (enter as a Div4) - contact  John if you need more information or help to enter.

All paddlers are eligible for race prizes.

Only SCA members are eligible for the Scottish Champs medals and perpetual trophies.

Age groups from J16 upwards will be contested in this event, J14 and under were already decided at Fairnilee, but younger paddlers able to race in the conditions on the day may try to win in the higher age groups.

Perpetual Trophies:

If you won a trophy last year contact Angela Ogilvie to arrange return or confirm if you are going to bring it on the day (engraved)

Special rules:

It is a condition of entry that all competitors assist with course erection and demolition, meet at 2.00pm (provisional) outside control on Friday afternoon.

All competitors will automatically be entered into the (free) team event based on drawing names from top, middle and bottom third of the individual results on the day. Teams are mostly about fun, but with the Steve Churcher trophy as the prize.

Entry Fees:

The first entry for each paddler is £12 with subsequent entries charged at £3.  On the checkout page this will be shown as £3 per entry plus a launch fee of £9 per paddler to account for the difference in fees.  Any queries please contact John

Canoe Slalom Entries

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Entries Accepted To Date

Please note this is a list of entries only, the running order may well be different.

A list of RTC code meanings is at the bottom of the entries page.


K1M Champs (30 entries)

999Christopher CurryK1M SPinkston Panthers
44Jim WallisVets K1M 44VPinkston Panthers
999Fraser GormalK1M MPinkston Panthers
177Murray E WeirDiv 2 K1M 177J12Breadalbane CC
153Alex ThomsonDiv 2 K1M 153J12CR Cats
124Fergus DavieDiv 2 K1M 124J12Breadalbane CC
119Findlay McLeanDiv 2 K1M 119J14Breadalbane CC
87Elliot DavieDiv 2 K1M 87J14Breadalbane CC
79Scott RitchieDiv 2 K1M 79J14Pinkston Panthers
75Ross ClaydonDiv 2 K1M 75J14CR Cats
145Irvine McDonaldDiv 1 K1M 145J14Strathallan CC
143Matthew CameronDiv 1 K1M 143J14CR Cats
142Nathan NabiliDiv 1 K1M 142J14Pinkston Panthers
129Jonathan HendryDiv 1 K1M 129J14CR Cats
125Iain McBrideDiv 1 K1M 125J18Breadalbane CC
114Oscar WyllieDiv 1 K1M 114J14Breadalbane CC
109Prakas GurungDiv 1 K1M 109J16Breadalbane CC
96Jack KellettDiv 1 K1M 96J18CR Cats
85Murray RobbDiv 1 K1M 85J14CR Cats
49Alasdair McMullenDiv 1 K1M 49SStrathallan CC
48Padraig CowanDiv 1 K1M 48J16Breadalbane CC
18Tony LeaverDiv 1 K1M 18SPhoenix CC
114James BrownPrem K1M 114J16CR Cats
109Cameron HaroldPrem K1M 109J18Aberdeen KC
77Sam LeaverPrem K1M 77J16Edinburgh Schools KC/Projecx
56Michael DenvirPrem K1M 56J18Forth CC
54Vittorio PezzaioliPrem K1M 54J18CR Cats
50Andrew DouglasPrem K1M 50U23Aberdeen KC
43Matt McDiarmidPrem K1M 43J18Breadalbane CC
16Stuart GerriePrem K1M 16SAberdeen KC

K1W Champs (24 entries)

62Jane GibsonVets K1W 62VStrathallan CC
73Taliesin McLeanDiv 2 K1W 73J12Breadalbane CC
79Gracie GormalDiv 1 K1W 79J16Pinkston Panthers
77Louise TullochDiv 1 K1W 77J18Aberdeen KC
76Olivia WearsDiv 1 K1W 76J14CR Cats
68Anoushka NabiliDiv 1 K1W 68J16Pinkston Panthers
60Laura PottingerDiv 1 K1W 60J16Strathallan CC
59Yesi WoodDiv 1 K1W 59J18Forth CC
55Claire WilsonDiv 1 K1W 55J14CR Cats
50Leah CameronDiv 1 K1W 50J14Pinkston Panthers/CR Cats
36Lutza TorokDiv 1 K1W 36U23Pinkston Panthers/UTE
35Georgia HolmesDiv 1 K1W 35J16Breadalbane CC
17Catie ThomsonDiv 1 K1W 17J18CR Cats/Forth CC
60Claire DenvirPrem K1W 60J16Forth CC
55Ellen PedenPrem K1W 55J18CR Cats
42Laura MilnePrem K1W 42U23Pinkston Panthers
20Natasha PottingerPrem K1W 20U23Strathallan CC
15Helen RogersPrem K1W 15SCR Cats
13Madelaine JenningsPrem K1W 13U23Breadalbane CC
11Rebecca OgilviePrem K1W 11U23CR Cats
7Lois LeaverPrem K1W 7J18Edinburgh Schools KC/Projecx
6Amber MaslenPrem K1W 6SIndependent/GlenLyon Coffee/Dare2B
4Sophie OgilviePrem K1W 4U23CR Cats/Allatus Unity
1Fiona PenniePrem K1W 1SCR Cats/Peak UK/Gpower/Vajda

C1M Champs (8 entries)

94Gary GibsonVets C1M 94VStrathallan CC/Strathallan Canoe Club
44Murray RobbDiv 1 C1M 44J14CR Cats
39William FotheringhamPrem C1M 39U23Strathallan CC
35Jack KellettPrem C1M 35J18CR Cats
30Iain McBridePrem C1M 30J18Breadalbane CC
28Fraser GlasgowPrem C1M 28U23Strathallan CC
21Michael DenvirPrem C1M 21J18Forth CC
10Vittorio PezzaioliPrem C1M 10J18CR Cats

C1W Champs (5 entries)

22Leah CameronDiv 2 C1W 22J14Pinkston Panthers/CR Cats
31Natasha PottingerPrem C1W 31U23Strathallan CC
28Catie ThomsonPrem C1W 28J18CR Cats
7Ailsa GourlayPrem C1W 7J18Strathallan CC
1Sophie OgilviePrem C1W 1U23CR Cats/Allatus Unity