2020Holme Pierrepont Premier Race 7/Div 1

Prem Race 7 - Saturday.  Prem paddlers please enter before the paddle up deadline, payments only get taken close to the event.

Div 1 race Sunday. Div 1 paddlers please enter before the paddle up deadline.

Note to all paddle ups - if you get promoted to the Division that you have entered as a paddle up your entry will be converted to an entry in that Division as we manage promotions through the season. Please do not delete the Paddle up and enter as if there is a wait list you will lose your place in the queue.

  • Organiser: Ian Redfearn
  • Email: hppslalom@gmail.com
  • Club: Holme Pierrepont Canoe Club
  • Date(s): 26/27 September
  • Location: Nottinghamshire show map

Canoe Slalom Entries

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Entries Accepted To Date - 246 days to go.

Please note this is a list of entries only, the running order may well be different.

A list of RTC code meanings is at the bottom of the entries page.


Prem K1M (41 entries)

93Jacob LinesJ16Frome CC
92George AbbottU23Mold CC
91Padraig CowanJ18Breadalbane CC
90Henry LyonsU23Aberdeen KC
89Andrew CrowhurstU23Sheffield CC/Halifax CC
86James BrownJ18CR Cats
79Ross ForshawJ18CR Cats/Lomond Plant / Ultimate Shrine Autos
77Cameron HaroldJ18Aberdeen KC
74Edward McDonaldJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
72Luke KevaneJ16Lower Wharfe CC/Vajda Talent
66Milan AysanJ16Lee Valley PC
62Danny TaylorJ18Viking KC
61Thomas MerrifieldJ16Taunton CC
60Matthew ElliottJ18Llandysul Paddlers
58Cody BrownJ16Lower Wharfe CC/Custom Shutter Design
57Callum WallingU23Shepperton SCC
52Daniel ReesJ18Llandysul Paddlers
51Sam BryantJ16Llandysul Paddlers
49Matthew CookeU23Manchester CC
47James GrocockJ18Stafford & Stone CC
43Jack O'ConnorJ18Independent
42Thomas MayerJ18Stafford & Stone CC
40Harvey MerrifieldU23Taunton CC
39Liam J BrownU23Holme Pierrepont CC
37Andrew DouglasU23Aberdeen KC
32Sam LeaverJ16Edinburgh Schools KC/Projecx
30Rob NeaveSStafford & Stone CC
25Matthew CurryU23Holme Pierrepont CC
24Edward DickinsonJ18Stafford & Stone CC
22Robert FernieU23Holme Pierrepont CC
19Kurts Adams RozentalsJ18Stafford & Stone CC
18Finlay Yates-JonesJ18Llandysul Paddlers/Vajda
17Reilly VernonJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
11Duncan EdwardsU23Breadalbane CC
8Ciaran Lee EdwardsSLlandysul Paddlers
7David PatersonU23Manchester CC
5Ben HaylettU23Holme Pierrepont CC
4Jonny DicksonU23CR Cats/Allatus Unity
3Etienne ChappellU23Seren Dŵr/Llandysul Paddlers
2Christopher BowersU23Stafford & Stone CC
1Huw SwetnamSEyeTee

Prem K1W (31 entries)

57Kayleigh ParsonsU23Shepperton SCC
56Evie BrownJ16Lee Valley PC
54Tazmin BrownJ18Proteus CC
53Kate LyndonJ14Stafford & Stone CC
52Lucy CundellJ18Green Star CC
48Carla GordonJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
45Kirsten EatockU23Holme Pierrepont CC
43Grace BlackJ18Manvers WBC
41Olivia AldersonJ16Holme Pierrepont CC/CWU
38Ruth BramleyJ16Llandysul Paddlers/McDonalds
36Joely WallingJ18Shepperton SCC
34Katie ShattockJ16Taunton CC
29Joanna Blythe-ShieldsJ18Independent
28Evie FletcherU23Holme Pierrepont CC/Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions
27Louise FernieJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
26Rachel EllisJ18Lee Valley PC/Neustar
25Olivia HooperU23Holme Pierrepont CC
24Eloise MeakinsSSt Albans & Hertsmere CC
22Helen RogersSCR Cats
21Macy KangJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
20Natasha PottingerU23Strathallan CC
18Daisy CooilU23Tees Tigers/Vajda
14Eve OvingtonJ18Lower Wharfe CC/Cleveland CC
13Bethan ForrowU23Lee Valley PC
12Hannah BaileySStafford & Stone CC
11Ellis MillerJ18Lee Valley PC
10Lili BryantJ18Llandysul Paddlers
7Gabrielle RidgeU23Llandysul Paddlers/Seren Dŵr
6Amber MaslenSIndependent/GlenLyon Coffee/Dare2B
5Lois LeaverJ18Edinburgh Schools KC/Projecx
3Nikita SetchellU23Holme Pierrepont CC

Prem C1M (17 entries)

36Joshua MayoU23Lee Valley PC
34Edward McDonaldJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
30Milan AysanJ16Lee Valley PC
28Jack KellettJ18CR Cats
25Giacomo LeightonJ18Llandysul Paddlers
23Sonny ShevillJ16Lee Valley PC
21Robert FernieU23Holme Pierrepont CC
19Jake CoxU23Lee Valley PC
14James KettleU23Lee Valley PC
13Zach PearsonU23Holme Pierrepont CC/Alexandra Workwear
11Ben HaylettU23Holme Pierrepont CC
9Alfie BooteU23Stafford & Stone CC/Polyflon
8Kurts Adams RozentalsJ18Stafford & Stone CC
7Sam MaingayU23Stafford & Stone CC/The Lewis Partnership
5Peter LinkstedU23Stirling & Falkirk CC/CST Global Ltd
3Will SmithU23Winchester & District CC
1William ConeyU23Llandysul Paddlers/Seren Dŵr

Prem C1W (13 entries)

23Kate KentMProteus CC
22Carla GordonJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
20Natasha PottingerU23Strathallan CC
18Anna-Louise GlendenningSProteus CC
16Louise FernieJ18Holme Pierrepont CC
14Evie FletcherU23Holme Pierrepont CC/Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions
13Daisy CooilU23Tees Tigers/Vajda
11Rachel EllisJ18Lee Valley PC/Neustar
8Joanna Blythe-ShieldsJ18Independent
7Ellis MillerJ18Lee Valley PC
5Emily DaviesU23Bala CC
3Bethan ForrowU23Lee Valley PC
2Jada Mustafa-MooreJ18Independent

Vets (2 entries)

35Nick TaylorVViking KC
25Jim WallisVPinkston Panthers

Officials (26 entries)

94Max HampsonDiv 1 K1M 94J16Forth CC/CR Cats
93Toby AstonDiv 1 K1M 93J18Shepperton SCC
82Cameron BrownDiv 1 K1M 82J14CR Cats
63William MayerDiv 1 K1M 63J16Stafford & Stone CC
52Archie TaylorDiv 1 K1M 52J16Holme Pierrepont CC
51Woody SouthDiv 1 K1M 51J14Lee Valley PC
46Richard LukeVets K1M 46VIndependent
44Alice SnapeDiv 1 K1W 44SLlandysul Paddlers/Green Star CC
42David CookeDiv 2 K1M 42MManchester CC
42Murray RobbDiv 1 K1M 42J14CR Cats
39Dominic AstonDiv 1 C1M 39U23Shepperton SCC
32Luca Cano-MoleDiv 1 K1M 32J16Shepperton SCC
31Ben FarrellDiv 1 K1M 31J18Seren Dŵr
31Grace ShardlowDiv 1 K1W 31J16Holme Pierrepont CC
25Eliot WoodDiv 1 C1M 25J18Halifax CC
25Oscar Cano-MoleDiv 1 K1M 25U23Shepperton SCC
24Claire WilsonDiv 1 K1W 24J16CR Cats
24Ryan MallonDiv 1 C1M 24J16CR Cats
21Tim BarryDiv 1 K1M 21J16Manchester CC
17Woody SouthDiv 1 C1M 17J14Lee Valley PC
16Thomas O'HaraDiv 1 K1M 16U23Viking KC
16Lutza TorokDiv 1 K1W 16U23Pinkston Panthers/UTE
16George HarrattDiv 1 C1M 16J18Stafford & Stone CC
14Leah CameronDiv 1 K1W 14J16Pinkston Panthers/CR Cats
9Eddie MackintoshDiv 1 K1M 9J16Manchester CC/Hexham CC
6Mazel BrownDiv 1 K1W 6J16Proteus CC

Waiting List

Please be aware that the order of the waiting list will change as your relative position on the ranking lists changes.

Although the list is in order (based on current rankings) there may be additional entries not shown on this list, eg paddlers waiting for bib number confirmation. These paddlers may be higher up the list than you.

Officials5Pete AtkinsonVets K1M Bib 5VProteus CC
Officials10Sally AtkinsonDiv 1 K1W Bib 10MProteus CC
Officials88Matthew CameronDiv 1 K1M Bib 88J16CR Cats
Officials40Olivia WearsDiv 1 K1W Bib 40J14CR Cats
Officials37Les FordDiv 1 K1M Bib 37MHalifax CC
Officials22Laura PottingerDiv 1 K1W Bib 22J16Strathallan CC
Officials65Nathan NabiliDiv 1 K1M Bib 65J14Pinkston Panthers
Officials25Anoushka NabiliDiv 1 K1W Bib 25J16Pinkston Panthers
Officials20James RennieDiv 1 K1M Bib 20J16Holme Pierrepont CC
Officials12James RennieDiv 1 C1M Bib 12J16Holme Pierrepont CC
Officials64Tracy WellsVets K1W Bib 64VProteus CC
Officials17Zoe Blythe-ShieldsDiv 1 K1W Bib 17J14Independent
Officials79Jonathan HendryDiv 1 K1M Bib 79J16CR Cats
Officials88William LaffordPrem K1M Bib 88U23Wyedean CC
Officials72Alison SetchellVets K1W Bib 72VHolme Pierrepont CC
Officials14Klass Francisks RozentalsDiv 1 K1M Bib 14J16Stafford & Stone CC
Officials28Callum MasseyDiv 1 K1M Bib 28J18Break Out CC
Officials62Elliott MasseyDiv 1 K1M Bib 62U23Break Out CC
Officials56Chris WoodDiv 1 K1M Bib 56MLee Valley PC
Officials45Kirsten EatockPrem K1W Bib 45U23Holme Pierrepont CC
Officials48Oliver LorenzDiv 1 K1M Bib 48J16North Wales Slalom
Prem C1M2Gabriel KeenDiv 1 C1M Bib 2J18Holme Pierrepont CC
Prem K1M6Robert GuestDiv 1 K1M Bib 6J16Manchester CC
Prem C1M3Harry DownesDiv 1 C1M Bib 3J16Independent
Prem K1M7David Bradley MasonDiv 1 K1M Bib 7J18Wyedean CC
Prem C1W2Zoe Blythe-ShieldsDiv 1 C1W Bib 2J14Independent
Prem K1M8Ben BrownDiv 1 K1M Bib 8J16Holme Pierrepont CC
Prem K1M9Eddie MackintoshDiv 1 K1M Bib 9J16Manchester CC/Hexham CC
Prem C1M4Philip SmithDiv 1 C1M Bib 4J16Winchester & District CC
Prem K1W6Mazel BrownDiv 1 K1W Bib 6J16Proteus CC
Prem K1M12Rhodri SlavenDiv 1 K1M Bib 12J18North Wales Slalom
Prem K1M13Jacob BurtonDiv 1 K1M Bib 13U23Wyedean CC
Prem K1W7Irina MedunyakDiv 1 K1W Bib 7SIndependent
Prem C1W3Charlotte LucasDiv 1 C1W Bib 3J16Lee Valley PC
Prem K1M15Elliot DavisDiv 1 K1M Bib 15U23Cheltenham CC
Prem K1M20James RennieDiv 1 K1M Bib 20J16Holme Pierrepont CC
Prem K1M21Tim BarryDiv 1 K1M Bib 21J16Manchester CC
Prem K1M22Finn JohnsonDiv 1 K1M Bib 22J16Frome CC
Prem C1M9Cody BrownDiv 1 C1M Bib 9J16Lower Wharfe CC/Custom Shutter Design
Prem K1M25Oscar Cano-MoleDiv 1 K1M Bib 25U23Shepperton SCC
Prem K1M26Harry DownesDiv 1 K1M Bib 26J16Independent
Prem K1W14Leah CameronDiv 1 K1W Bib 14J16Pinkston Panthers/CR Cats
Prem K1M27Joshua QuickDiv 1 K1M Bib 27J16Holme Pierrepont CC
Prem K1M29Philip SmithDiv 1 K1M Bib 29J16Winchester & District CC
Prem K1M30Oscar WyllieDiv 1 K1M Bib 30J14Breadalbane CC
Prem C1M12James RennieDiv 1 C1M Bib 12J16Holme Pierrepont CC
Prem K1M31Ben FarrellDiv 1 K1M Bib 31J18Seren Dŵr
Prem K1W16Lutza TorokDiv 1 K1W Bib 16U23Pinkston Panthers/UTE
Prem K1M32Luca Cano-MoleDiv 1 K1M Bib 32J16Shepperton SCC
Prem K1W17Zoe Blythe-ShieldsDiv 1 K1W Bib 17J14Independent
Prem K1W19Brogan SwartDiv 1 K1W Bib 19J16Wyedean CC
Prem K1M37Les FordDiv 1 K1M Bib 37MHalifax CC
Prem C1W7Katie ShattockDiv 1 C1W Bib 7J16Taunton CC
Prem K1W20Sennah Nader-HumphriesDiv 1 K1W Bib 20J14Wyedean CC/Seren Dŵr / Pyranha
Prem K1M39Felix NeweyDiv 1 K1M Bib 39J16Wyedean CC
Prem K1M40William ChristmasDiv 1 K1M Bib 40J16Wyedean CC
Prem K1M42Murray RobbDiv 1 K1M Bib 42J14CR Cats
Prem C1M17Woody SouthDiv 1 C1M Bib 17J14Lee Valley PC
Prem K1W24Claire WilsonDiv 1 K1W Bib 24J16CR Cats
Prem K1M47Harry JoyceDiv 1 K1M Bib 47J16Shepperton SCC
Prem K1M51Woody SouthDiv 1 K1M Bib 51J14Lee Valley PC
Prem K1W29Aimee CollinsDiv 1 K1W Bib 29J16Frome CC
Prem K1M56Chris WoodDiv 1 K1M Bib 56MLee Valley PC
Prem K1M59Charlie Hodsdon WestDiv 1 K1M Bib 59J16Lee Valley PC
Prem C1M25Eliot WoodDiv 1 C1M Bib 25J18Halifax CC
Prem K1M66Archie ChristmasDiv 1 K1M Bib 66J14Wyedean CC
Prem C1M27Ben BrownDiv 1 C1M Bib 27J16Holme Pierrepont CC
Prem K1M79Jonathan HendryDiv 1 K1M Bib 79J16CR Cats
Prem K1M83Daniel JoyceDiv 1 K1M Bib 83J14Shepperton SCC
Prem C1M33William KettleDiv 1 C1M Bib 33J14Lee Valley PC
Prem K1M89Finley CroomeDiv 1 K1M Bib 89J16Stafford & Stone CC/HydraulicsOnline.com
Prem K1M93Toby AstonDiv 1 K1M Bib 93J18Shepperton SCC
Prem C1M39Dominic AstonDiv 1 C1M Bib 39U23Shepperton SCC


Div 1 K1M (50 entries)

96Luke RobinsonJ14Break Out CC/Widgit
94Max HampsonJ16Forth CC/CR Cats
93Toby AstonJ18Shepperton SCC
89Finley CroomeJ16Stafford & Stone CC/HydraulicsOnline.com
88Matthew CameronJ16CR Cats
85Harry KirbyJ14Stafford & Stone CC
84Ryan DoddJ16Hexham CC
83Daniel JoyceJ14Shepperton SCC
82Cameron BrownJ14CR Cats
80Matt StephensSWyedean CC
79Jonathan HendryJ16CR Cats
75Cameron FordJ16Bradford & Bingley CC
71Louie GordonJ14Holme Pierrepont CC
69Gavin CooperMSeren Dŵr
66Archie ChristmasJ14Wyedean CC
63William MayerJ16Stafford & Stone CC
62Elliott MasseyU23Break Out CC
59Charlie Hodsdon WestJ16Lee Valley PC
56Chris WoodMLee Valley PC
52Archie TaylorJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
51Woody SouthJ14Lee Valley PC
48Oliver LorenzJ16North Wales Slalom
47Harry JoyceJ16Shepperton SCC
40William ChristmasJ16Wyedean CC
39Felix NeweyJ16Wyedean CC
37Les FordMHalifax CC
35James JacksonJ16Croesyceiliog CC
34Sam Rice-JonesJ16Mold CC
32Luca Cano-MoleJ16Shepperton SCC
31Ben FarrellJ18Seren Dŵr
30Oscar WyllieJ14Breadalbane CC
29Philip SmithJ16Winchester & District CC
28Callum MasseyJ18Break Out CC
27Joshua QuickJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
26Harry DownesJ16Independent
25Oscar Cano-MoleU23Shepperton SCC
24Oliver CooperJ16Seren Dŵr
22Finn JohnsonJ16Frome CC
21Tim BarryJ16Manchester CC
20James RennieJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
18George SharpJ16Bradford & Bingley CC
16Thomas O'HaraU23Viking KC
15Elliot DavisU23Cheltenham CC
14Klass Francisks RozentalsJ16Stafford & Stone CC
13Jacob BurtonU23Wyedean CC
12Rhodri SlavenJ18North Wales Slalom
10Finn MacdonaldJ16Breadalbane CC
9Eddie MackintoshJ16Manchester CC/Hexham CC
7David Bradley MasonJ18Wyedean CC
6Robert GuestJ16Manchester CC

Div 1 K1W (19 entries)

51Hannah RhodesJ16Lee Valley PC
48Molly SandercockJ16Break Out CC
40Olivia WearsJ14CR Cats
35Katie GreavesJ16Stafford & Stone CC
29Aimee CollinsJ16Frome CC
27Anna-Louise GlendenningSProteus CC
24Claire WilsonJ16CR Cats
20Sennah Nader-HumphriesJ14Wyedean CC/Seren Dŵr / Pyranha
19Brogan SwartJ16Wyedean CC
18Amy HowarthU23Bradford & Bingley CC
17Zoe Blythe-ShieldsJ14Independent
16Lutza TorokU23Pinkston Panthers/UTE
15Kate KentMProteus CC
14Leah CameronJ16Pinkston Panthers/CR Cats
12Hannah ClementsU23Shepperton SCC/Llandysul Paddlers
10Sally AtkinsonMProteus CC
9Erika BaranauskaiteSHolme Pierrepont CC
7Irina MedunyakSIndependent
6Mazel BrownJ16Proteus CC

Div 1 C1M (20 entries)

39Dominic AstonU23Shepperton SCC
36Isaac WrightJ14Stafford & Stone CC
33William KettleJ14Lee Valley PC
26Cameron FordJ16Bradford & Bingley CC
25Eliot WoodJ18Halifax CC
24Ryan MallonJ16CR Cats
23William JarvisU23Independent/Albany Consultancy Ltd
22George SharpJ16Bradford & Bingley CC
21Jacob LinesJ16Frome CC
20Thomas MerrifieldJ16Taunton CC
17Woody SouthJ14Lee Valley PC
16George HarrattJ18Stafford & Stone CC
15Andrew CrowhurstU23Sheffield CC/Halifax CC
14Harvey MerrifieldU23Taunton CC
12James RennieJ16Holme Pierrepont CC
10Klass Francisks RozentalsJ16Stafford & Stone CC
9Cody BrownJ16Lower Wharfe CC/Custom Shutter Design
4Philip SmithJ16Winchester & District CC
3Harry DownesJ16Independent
2Gabriel KeenJ18Holme Pierrepont CC

Div 1 C1W (5 entries)

9Kate LyndonJ14Stafford & Stone CC
7Katie ShattockJ16Taunton CC
4Grace BlackJ18Manvers WBC
3Charlotte LucasJ16Lee Valley PC
2Zoe Blythe-ShieldsJ14Independent

C2 (1 entry)

1Harvey Merrifield / Thomas MerrifieldU23Taunton CC

Vets (8 entries)

95Craig BrownVProteus CC
72Alison SetchellVHolme Pierrepont CC
64Tracy WellsVProteus CC
62Alison LonghurstVCheltenham CC
52Steve BambridgeVShepperton SCC
50Duncan OughtonVNottingham KC
25Jim WallisVPinkston Panthers
5Pete AtkinsonVProteus CC

Officials (7 entries)

86James BrownPrem K1M 86J18CR Cats
54Tazmin BrownPrem K1W 54J18Proteus CC
52Lucy CundellPrem K1W 52J18Green Star CC
49Matthew CookePrem K1M 49U23Manchester CC
42David CookeDiv 2 K1M 42MManchester CC
24Ryan MallonDiv 1 C1M 24J16CR Cats
14James KettlePrem C1M 14U23Lee Valley PC

Waiting List

Please be aware that the order of the waiting list will change as your relative position on the ranking lists changes.

Although the list is in order (based on current rankings) there may be additional entries not shown on this list, eg paddlers waiting for bib number confirmation. These paddlers may be higher up the list than you.

Div 1 C1M4Toby AstonDiv 2 C1M Bib 4J18Shepperton SCC
Div 1 C1M5Louie GordonDiv 2 C1M Bib 5J14Holme Pierrepont CC
Div 1 K1M22William KettleDiv 2 K1M Bib 22J14Lee Valley PC
Div 1 K1M29Otto JohnsonDiv 2 K1M Bib 29J16Frome CC
Div 1 K1W29Jessica CroomeDiv 2 K1W Bib 29J14Stafford & Stone CC
Div 1 K1M106Talu AysanDiv 2 K1M Bib 106J12Lee Valley PC
Div 1 C1M21Talu AysanDiv 2 C1M Bib 21J12Lee Valley PC