2020Lee Valley Olympic Div 1 Double

Start List

Thank you for joining us at the inaugural Lee Valley Div 1.  We hope that the weekend will prove successful, so if there any problems or queries do please let us know and we will do our best to resolve them.  Please note no refunds will be given after 18th February.

Safety First

  • Anyone going between the course and the ropes must wear a bouyancy aid
  • Please watch from behind the ropes unless you have a need to be bankside.
  • Do not obstruct judges or the bank safety team!

Opening and Closing Times

  • Cafe will be open from 8:00am on both Saturday and Sunday for tea/coffee with full service from 9am.
  • Cafe will close at 18:30 on Saturday and 17:00 on Sunday
  • Centre will be open from 7:00 and close at 19:00 on Saturday and 20:00 on Sunday


  • Please turn up with either your bib or proof of national association membership.
  • For those on Bank Safety - please attend the meeting with Paul Kettle at 8:30
  • For everyone else, please come to the judges meeting by control at 9:15.
  • Your bib/membership will be checked at the meetings and you will be given a bib for your judges runs 
  • Officials will either be doing the runs in the morning and duties in the afternoon or vice versa.

Practice Sessions

  • You will be give a bib for your practice run - please collect at the bottom of the travelator and return after your session.
  • There will be two people from the centre on Bank Safety during the paid practice sessions, but please be considerate of one another and keep their load to a minimum.


  • Please apply for your bib in good time.  
  • You will not be allowed on the water without a bib, so if you have not received your bib, please bring proof of National Association membership with you (this applies even if you expect to collect your bib on the day of the race)


  • Prizegiving will be in the Cafe on both days
  • We will aim to start prizegiving 5 mins after the end of protest time, hopefully this will be no later than 16:30

Looking forwards to a great weekend of racing

Dee Lindesay and Ros Kettle

LVWWC etiquette

Car Parking/ Boat Drop off  

  • No cars are to be parked in the drop off point by the main Centre building. 
  • Please note, cars or campervans cannot be left on site overnight.    

Changing Rooms/Lockers 

  • Please use a maximum of one locker per paddler and share where possible as the weekend will be busy. 
  • There is no access to the changing rooms for wet paddlers through main reception.  If you are wearing wet kit please access changing rooms via the courtyard 
  • Please do not leave your kit in the changing rooms during sessions.  Lee Valley accepts no responsibility for lost/stolen kit and this inconveniences other paddlers.
  • Please do not hang wet kit on cars or in the car park. 

Boat storage 

  • All boats should be left in the designated area next to the lake.
  • Don’t leave any boats on the slope towards the course or lying around on the concrete areas.
  • Boats that are in the wrong place and are a hazard to other facility users will be removed and locked away in one of the boat sheds. 

Water Etiquette

  • You are NOT allowed to paddle on the outflow of the Legacy course.
  • Please keep the course side clean. Ensure you put your bottles in the bin!
  • The grassed area next to the water courses are to be kept clear of boats and equipment so as not to impede safety crews and rescuers.
  • Ensure all of your equipment is recovered after capsizing as debris could damage the pumps.  If your boat reaches the pumps, please inform centre staff immediately.
  • Please do not climb over the railings to retrieve your canoe/kayak.

Bank Side/ Safety

  • No-one is allowed next to the course without a buoyancy aid.
  • Always follow instructions from the Bank Safety team

Lake users

  • Keep clear of the bottom of the white-water courses/conveyor belts and pumps.
  • A Buoyancy Aid to be worn at all times
  • No unplanned swimming is to take place in the lake


  • Only food ordered from the LVWWC can be consumed in the café and on the terrace. 
  • Drone use is not permitted anywhere on site  


Div 1 K1M

RTCBibNameAgeClubOfficial PracticeRun 1Run 2
29Otto JohnsonJ16Frome CC08:50:0010:18:0013:30:00
28Jun Yi OngSLee Valley PC08:50:3010:19:0013:31:00
100Richard StalkerU23Copeland CC08:51:0010:20:0013:32:00
97Leo TimlinJ18Shepperton SCC08:51:3010:21:0013:33:00
94Max HampsonJ16Forth CC/CR Cats08:52:0010:22:0013:34:00
93Toby AstonJ18Shepperton SCC08:52:3010:23:0013:35:00
91Harry EvansJ12Telford CC08:53:0010:24:0013:36:00
87Tecwyn WilliamsJ14Llandysul Paddlers08:53:3010:25:0013:37:00
85Harry KirbyJ14Stafford & Stone CC08:54:0010:26:0013:38:00
84Ryan DoddJ16Hexham CC/Red Hot Property08:54:3010:27:0013:39:00
83Daniel JoyceJ14Shepperton SCC08:55:0010:28:0013:40:00
81Irvine McDonaldJ16Strathallan CC/Central Squads08:55:3010:29:0013:41:00
80Matt StephensSWyedean CC08:56:0010:30:0013:42:00
77Alex JonesSFriends of Allonby08:56:3010:31:0013:43:00
76Findlay McLeanJ16Breadalbane CC/Strathallan CC08:57:0010:32:0013:44:00
75Cameron FordJ16Bradford & Bingley CC08:57:3010:33:0013:45:00
71Louie GordonJ14Holme Pierrepont CC08:58:0010:34:0013:46:00
67Daniel IschebeckJ18Derwent Racers08:58:3010:35:0013:47:00
66Archie ChristmasJ14Wyedean CC08:59:0010:36:0013:48:00
65Nathan NabiliJ14Pinkston Panthers08:59:3010:37:0013:49:00
64Leo BambridgeJ16Shepperton SCC09:00:0010:38:0013:50:00
63William MayerJ16Stafford & Stone CC09:00:3010:39:0013:51:00
62Elliott MasseyU23Break Out CC09:01:0010:40:0013:52:00
59Charlie Hodsdon WestJ16Lee Valley PC09:01:3010:41:0013:53:00
55Osian WilliamsJ16Llandysul Paddlers09:02:0010:42:0013:54:00
52Archie TaylorJ16Holme Pierrepont CC09:02:3010:43:0013:55:00
51Woody SouthJ14Lee Valley PC09:03:0010:44:0013:56:00
49Gwion WilliamsJ14Llandysul Paddlers09:03:3010:45:0013:57:00
48Oliver LorenzJ16North Wales Slalom/Llandysul Paddlers09:04:0010:46:0013:58:00
47Harry JoyceJ16Shepperton SCC09:04:3010:47:0013:59:00
45Alasdair McMullenSStrathallan CC09:05:0010:48:0014:00:00
41Mick BerwickMStafford & Stone CC09:05:3010:49:0014:01:00
40William ChristmasJ16Wyedean CC09:06:0010:50:0014:02:00
39Felix NeweyJ16Wyedean CC09:06:3010:51:0014:03:00
35James JacksonJ16Seren Dŵr09:07:0010:52:0014:04:00
34Sam Rice-JonesJ16Mold CC09:07:3010:53:0014:05:00
33Andy LairdMCopeland CC/EPD09:08:0010:54:0014:06:00
32Luca Cano-MoleJ16Shepperton SCC09:08:3010:55:0014:07:00
31Ben FarrellJ18Seren Dŵr09:09:0010:56:0014:08:00
30Oscar WyllieJ14Breadalbane CC09:09:3010:57:0014:09:00
29Philip SmithJ16Winchester & District CC09:10:0010:58:0014:10:00
28Callum MasseyJ18Break Out CC09:10:3010:59:0014:11:00
27Joshua QuickJ16Holme Pierrepont CC09:11:0011:00:0014:12:00
26Harry DownesJ16Independent09:11:3011:01:0014:13:00
25Oscar Cano-MoleU23Shepperton SCC09:12:0011:02:0014:14:00
24Oliver CooperJ16Seren Dŵr09:12:3011:03:0014:15:00
23Iwan LavisU23Llandysul Paddlers09:13:0011:04:0014:16:00
22Finn JohnsonJ16Frome CC09:13:3011:05:0014:17:00
21Tim BarryJ16Manchester CC09:14:0011:06:0014:18:00
20James RennieJ16Holme Pierrepont CC09:14:3011:07:0014:19:00
19William ThomasJ18Lee Valley PC09:15:0011:08:0014:20:00
18George SharpJ16Bradford & Bingley CC09:15:3011:09:0014:21:00
17Christopher RoyleJ16Stafford & Stone CC09:16:0011:10:0014:22:00
15Elliot DavisU23Cheltenham CC09:16:3011:11:0014:23:00
14Klass Francisks RozentalsJ16Stafford & Stone CC09:17:0011:12:0014:24:00
13Jacob BurtonU23Wyedean CC09:17:3011:13:0014:25:00
12Rhodri SlavenJ18North Wales Slalom09:18:0011:14:0014:26:00
11Daniel LaffordU23Wyedean CC09:18:3011:15:0014:27:00
9Eddie MackintoshJ16Manchester CC/Hexham CC09:19:0011:16:0014:28:00
8Ben BrownJ16Holme Pierrepont CC09:19:3011:17:0014:29:00
7David Bradley MasonJ18Wyedean CC/Stroud Valley CC09:20:0011:18:0014:30:00
6Robert GuestJ16Manchester CC09:20:3011:19:0014:31:00
1Mark WignallMEngineering Paddler Designs09:21:0011:20:0014:32:00

Div 1 C1W

RTCBibNameAgeClubOfficial PracticeRun 1Run 2
7Katie ShattockJ16Taunton CC09:22:0011:23:0014:53:00
3Charlotte LucasJ16Independent09:22:3011:24:3014:54:30
2Zoe Blythe-ShieldsJ14Independent09:23:0011:26:0014:56:00


RTCBibNameAgeClubOfficial PracticeRun 1Run 2
95Craig BrownVProteus CC09:24:0011:47:0014:59:00
92Paul MewVWindsor & District CC09:24:3011:48:0015:00:00
21Michael HuddlestanVRibble CC09:25:0011:49:0015:01:00
13Bob GrundyVHarefield Paddlers09:25:3011:50:0015:02:00
6Nigel EvansVTelford CC09:26:0011:51:0015:03:00
4Allan TylerVCastle CC09:26:3011:52:0015:04:00

Div 1 C1M

RTCBibNameAgeClubOfficial PracticeRun 1Run 2
11Osian WilliamsJ16Llandysul Paddlers09:27:3011:55:0015:07:00
40Jonathan LiU23Stafford & Stone CC09:28:0011:56:0015:08:00
36Isaac WrightJ14Stafford & Stone CC09:28:3011:57:0015:09:00
33William KettleJ14Lee Valley PC09:29:0011:58:0015:10:00
30William MayerJ16Stafford & Stone CC09:29:3011:59:0015:11:00
27Ben BrownJ16Holme Pierrepont CC09:30:0012:00:0015:12:00
26Cameron FordJ16Bradford & Bingley CC09:30:3012:01:0015:13:00
25Eliot WoodJ18Halifax CC09:31:0012:02:0015:14:00
24Ryan MallonJ16CR Cats09:31:3012:03:0015:15:00
22George SharpJ16Bradford & Bingley CC09:32:0012:04:0015:16:00
21Jacob LinesJ16Frome CC09:32:3012:05:0015:17:00
20Thomas MerrifieldJ16Taunton CC09:33:0012:06:0015:18:00
17Woody SouthJ14Lee Valley PC09:33:3012:07:0015:19:00
14Harvey MerrifieldU23Taunton CC09:34:0012:08:0015:20:00
13Callum WallingU23Shepperton SCC09:34:3012:09:0015:21:00
12James RennieJ16Holme Pierrepont CC09:35:0012:10:0015:22:00
11Christopher RoyleJ16Stafford & Stone CC09:35:3012:11:0015:23:00
10Klass Francisks RozentalsJ16Stafford & Stone CC09:36:0012:12:0015:24:00
7David MitchellJ18Wyedean CC09:36:3012:13:0015:25:00
4Philip SmithJ16Winchester & District CC09:37:0012:14:0015:26:00
3Harry DownesJ16Independent09:37:3012:15:0015:27:00
2Gabriel KeenJ18Holme Pierrepont CC09:38:0012:16:0015:28:00

Div 1 K1W

RTCBibNameAgeClubOfficial PracticeRun 1Run 2
80Alice MackayU23Sheffield University09:39:0012:19:0015:31:00
51Hannah RhodesJ16Lee Valley PC09:39:3012:20:0015:32:00
35Katie GreavesJ16Stafford & Stone CC09:40:0012:21:0015:33:00
31Grace ShardlowJ16Holme Pierrepont CC09:40:3012:22:0015:34:00
29Aimee CollinsJ16Frome CC09:41:0012:23:0015:35:00
27Anna-Louise GlendenningSProteus CC09:41:3012:24:0015:36:00
25Anoushka NabiliJ16Pinkston Panthers09:42:0012:25:0015:37:00
20Sennah Nader-HumphriesJ14Wyedean CC/Seren Dŵr / Pyranha09:42:3012:26:0015:38:00
19Brogan SwartJ16Wyedean CC/Colleg Gwent09:43:0012:27:0015:39:00
17Zoe Blythe-ShieldsJ14Independent09:43:3012:28:0015:40:00
16Lutza TorokU23Pinkston Panthers/UTE09:44:0012:29:0015:41:00
14Leah CameronJ16Pinkston Panthers/CR Cats09:44:3012:30:0015:42:00
13Arina KontchakovJ14Meridian CC/Lee Valley PC09:45:0012:31:0015:43:00
12Hannah ClementsU23Shepperton SCC/Llandysul Paddlers09:45:3012:32:0015:44:00
9Erika BaranauskaiteSIndependent09:46:0012:33:0015:45:00
7Irina MedunyakSIndependent09:46:3012:34:0015:46:00
6Mazel BrownJ16Proteus CC09:47:0012:35:0015:47:00
5Catie ThomsonJ18CR Cats/Edinburgh Schools KC09:47:3012:36:0015:48:00
2Aisling ConlanSGreen Star CC09:48:0012:37:0015:49:00

Officials A

RTCBibNameRankingAgeClubRun 1Run 2
39Rachel EllisPrem C1W 11J18Lee Valley PC/Neustar10:00:0011:29:00
38Bethan ForrowPrem C1W 3U23Lee Valley PC10:01:0011:30:00
37Joanna Blythe-ShieldsPrem C1W 8J18Independent10:02:0011:31:00
36Jada Mustafa-MoorePrem C1W 2J18Independent10:03:0011:32:00
34Tazmin BrownPrem K1W 54J18Proteus CC10:04:0011:33:00
33Grace BlackPrem K1W 43J18Manvers WBC10:05:0011:34:00
32Phoebe SpicerPrem K1W 15U23Lee Valley PC10:06:0011:35:00
31Eve OvingtonPrem K1W 14J18Lower Wharfe CC/Cleveland CC10:07:0011:36:00
30Nikita SetchellPrem K1W 3U23Holme Pierrepont CC10:08:0011:37:00
28James KettlePrem C1M 14U23Lee Valley PC10:09:0011:38:00
26Luke KevanePrem K1M 72J16Lower Wharfe CC/Vajda Talent10:10:0011:39:00
25Cody BrownPrem K1M 58J16Lower Wharfe CC/Custom Shutter Design10:11:0011:40:00
24Sam LeaverPrem K1M 32J16Edinburgh Schools KC/Projecx10:12:0011:41:00
23Ciaran Lee EdwardsPrem K1M 8SLlandysul Paddlers10:13:0011:42:00
22Ben HaylettPrem K1M 5U23Holme Pierrepont CC10:14:0011:43:00
21Etienne ChappellPrem K1M 3U23Seren Dŵr/Llandysul Paddlers10:15:0011:44:00

Officials B

RTCBibNameRankingAgeClubRun 1Run 2
19Lucy CundellPrem K1W 52J18Green Star CC14:35:0015:52:00
18Louise FerniePrem K1W 27J18Holme Pierrepont CC14:36:0015:53:00
17Helen RogersPrem K1W 22SCR Cats14:37:0015:54:00
16Gabrielle RidgePrem K1W 7U23Llandysul Paddlers/Seren Dŵr14:38:0015:55:00
14Sonny ShevillPrem C1M 23J16Lee Valley PC14:39:0015:56:00
13Luc RoylePrem C1M 18J18Stafford & Stone CC/FMS14:40:0015:57:00
12Alfie BootePrem C1M 9U23Stafford & Stone CC/Polyflon14:41:0015:58:00
11Patrick MarriottPrem C1M 6U23Break Out CC14:42:0015:59:00
9James GrocockPrem K1M 47J18Stafford & Stone CC14:43:0016:00:00
8Thomas MayerPrem K1M 42J18Stafford & Stone CC14:44:0016:01:00
6Eren YalkinPrem K1M 28U23Lee Valley PC14:45:0016:02:00
5Robert FerniePrem K1M 22U23Holme Pierrepont CC14:46:0016:03:00
4Kurts Adams RozentalsPrem K1M 19J18Stafford & Stone CC14:47:0016:04:00
3Finlay Yates-JonesPrem K1M 18J18Llandysul Paddlers/Vajda14:48:0016:05:00
2Jonny DicksonPrem K1M 4U23CR Cats/Allatus Unity14:49:0016:06:00
1Christopher BowersPrem K1M 2U23Stafford & Stone CC14:50:0016:07:00


Div 1 K1M

RTCBibNameAgeClubOfficial PracticeRun 1Run 2
28Jun Yi OngSLee Valley PC08:50:0010:17:0013:30:00
100Richard StalkerU23Copeland CC08:50:3010:18:0013:31:00
97Leo TimlinJ18Shepperton SCC08:51:0010:19:0013:32:00
94Max HampsonJ16Forth CC/CR Cats08:51:3010:20:0013:33:00
93Toby AstonJ18Shepperton SCC08:52:0010:21:0013:34:00
91Harry EvansJ12Telford CC08:52:3010:22:0013:35:00
89Finley CroomeJ16Stafford & Stone CC/HydraulicsOnline.com08:53:0010:23:0013:36:00
87Tecwyn WilliamsJ14Llandysul Paddlers08:53:3010:24:0013:37:00
85Harry KirbyJ14Stafford & Stone CC08:54:0010:25:0013:38:00
84Ryan DoddJ16Hexham CC/Red Hot Property08:54:3010:26:0013:39:00
83Daniel JoyceJ14Shepperton SCC08:55:0010:27:0013:40:00
81Irvine McDonaldJ16Strathallan CC/Central Squads08:55:3010:28:0013:41:00
80Matt StephensSWyedean CC08:56:0010:29:0013:42:00
77Alex JonesSFriends of Allonby08:56:3010:30:0013:43:00
76Findlay McLeanJ16Breadalbane CC/Strathallan CC08:57:0010:31:0013:44:00
75Cameron FordJ16Bradford & Bingley CC08:57:3010:32:0013:45:00
71Louie GordonJ14Holme Pierrepont CC08:58:0010:33:0013:46:00
67Daniel IschebeckJ18Derwent Racers08:58:3010:34:0013:47:00
66Archie ChristmasJ14Wyedean CC08:59:0010:35:0013:48:00
65Nathan NabiliJ14Pinkston Panthers08:59:3010:36:0013:49:00
64Leo BambridgeJ16Shepperton SCC09:00:0010:37:0013:50:00
63William MayerJ16Stafford & Stone CC09:00:3010:38:0013:51:00
62Elliott MasseyU23Break Out CC09:01:0010:39:0013:52:00
59Charlie Hodsdon WestJ16Lee Valley PC09:01:3010:40:0013:53:00
55Osian WilliamsJ16Llandysul Paddlers09:02:0010:41:0013:54:00
52Archie TaylorJ16Holme Pierrepont CC09:02:3010:42:0013:55:00
51Woody SouthJ14Lee Valley PC09:03:0010:43:0013:56:00
49Gwion WilliamsJ14Llandysul Paddlers09:03:3010:44:0013:57:00
48Oliver LorenzJ16North Wales Slalom/Llandysul Paddlers09:04:0010:45:0013:58:00
47Harry JoyceJ16Shepperton SCC09:04:3010:46:0013:59:00
45Alasdair McMullenSStrathallan CC09:05:0010:47:0014:00:00
41Mick BerwickMStafford & Stone CC09:05:3010:48:0014:01:00
40William ChristmasJ16Wyedean CC09:06:0010:49:0014:02:00
39Felix NeweyJ16Wyedean CC09:06:3010:50:0014:03:00
35James JacksonJ16Seren Dŵr09:07:0010:51:0014:04:00
34Sam Rice-JonesJ16Mold CC09:07:3010:52:0014:05:00
33Andy LairdMCopeland CC/EPD09:08:0010:53:0014:06:00
32Luca Cano-MoleJ16Shepperton SCC09:08:3010:54:0014:07:00
31Ben FarrellJ18Seren Dŵr09:09:0010:55:0014:08:00
30Oscar WyllieJ14Breadalbane CC09:09:3010:56:0014:09:00
29Philip SmithJ16Winchester & District CC09:10:0010:57:0014:10:00
28Callum MasseyJ18Break Out CC09:10:3010:58:0014:11:00
27Joshua QuickJ16Holme Pierrepont CC09:11:0010:59:0014:12:00
26Harry DownesJ16Independent09:11:3011:00:0014:13:00
25Oscar Cano-MoleU23Shepperton SCC09:12:0011:01:0014:14:00
24Oliver CooperJ16Seren Dŵr09:12:3011:02:0014:15:00
23Iwan LavisU23Llandysul Paddlers09:13:0011:03:0014:16:00
22Finn JohnsonJ16Frome CC09:13:3011:04:0014:17:00
21Tim BarryJ16Manchester CC09:14:0011:05:0014:18:00
20James RennieJ16Holme Pierrepont CC09:14:3011:06:0014:19:00
19William ThomasJ18Lee Valley PC09:15:0011:07:0014:20:00
18George SharpJ16Bradford & Bingley CC09:15:3011:08:0014:21:00
17Christopher RoyleJ16Stafford & Stone CC09:16:0011:09:0014:22:00
15Elliot DavisU23Cheltenham CC09:16:3011:10:0014:23:00
14Klass Francisks RozentalsJ16Stafford & Stone CC09:17:0011:11:0014:24:00
13Jacob BurtonU23Wyedean CC09:17:3011:12:0014:25:00
12Rhodri SlavenJ18North Wales Slalom09:18:0011:13:0014:26:00
11Daniel LaffordU23Wyedean CC09:18:3011:14:0014:27:00
9Eddie MackintoshJ16Manchester CC/Hexham CC09:19:0011:15:0014:28:00
8Ben BrownJ16Holme Pierrepont CC09:19:3011:16:0014:29:00
7David Bradley MasonJ18Wyedean CC/Stroud Valley CC09:20:0011:17:0014:30:00
6Robert GuestJ16Manchester CC09:20:3011:18:0014:31:00
1Mark WignallMEngineering Paddler Designs09:21:0011:19:0014:32:00

Div 1 C1W

RTCBibNameAgeClubOfficial PracticeRun 1Run 2
7Katie ShattockJ16Taunton CC09:22:0011:22:0014:53:00
3Charlotte LucasJ16Independent09:22:3011:23:3014:54:30
2Zoe Blythe-ShieldsJ14Independent09:23:0011:25:0014:56:00


RTCBibNameAgeClubOfficial PracticeRun 1Run 2
95Craig BrownVProteus CC09:24:0011:45:0014:59:00
92Paul MewVWindsor & District CC09:24:3011:46:0015:00:00
21Michael HuddlestanVRibble CC09:25:0011:47:0015:01:00
13Bob GrundyVHarefield Paddlers09:25:3011:48:0015:02:00
6Nigel EvansVTelford CC09:26:0011:49:0015:03:00
4Allan TylerVCastle CC09:26:3011:50:0015:04:00

Div 1 C1M

RTCBibNameAgeClubOfficial PracticeRun 1Run 2
11Osian WilliamsJ16Llandysul Paddlers09:27:3011:53:0015:07:00
40Jonathan LiU23Stafford & Stone CC09:28:0011:54:0015:08:00
36Isaac WrightJ14Stafford & Stone CC09:28:3011:55:0015:09:00
33William KettleJ14Lee Valley PC09:29:0011:56:0015:10:00
30William MayerJ16Stafford & Stone CC09:29:3011:57:0015:11:00
27Ben BrownJ16Holme Pierrepont CC09:30:0011:58:0015:12:00
26Cameron FordJ16Bradford & Bingley CC09:30:3011:59:0015:13:00
25Eliot WoodJ18Halifax CC09:31:0012:00:0015:14:00
24Ryan MallonJ16CR Cats09:31:3012:01:0015:15:00
22George SharpJ16Bradford & Bingley CC09:32:0012:02:0015:16:00
21Jacob LinesJ16Frome CC09:32:3012:03:0015:17:00
17Woody SouthJ14Lee Valley PC09:33:0012:04:0015:18:00
13Callum WallingU23Shepperton SCC09:33:3012:05:0015:19:00
12James RennieJ16Holme Pierrepont CC09:34:0012:06:0015:20:00
11Christopher RoyleJ16Stafford & Stone CC09:34:3012:07:0015:21:00
10Klass Francisks RozentalsJ16Stafford & Stone CC09:35:0012:08:0015:22:00
7David MitchellJ18Wyedean CC09:35:3012:09:0015:23:00
4Philip SmithJ16Winchester & District CC09:36:0012:10:0015:24:00
3Harry DownesJ16Independent09:36:3012:11:0015:25:00
2Gabriel KeenJ18Holme Pierrepont CC09:37:0012:12:0015:26:00

Div 1 K1W

RTCBibNameAgeClubOfficial PracticeRun 1Run 2
51Hannah RhodesJ16Lee Valley PC09:38:0012:15:0015:29:00
35Katie GreavesJ16Stafford & Stone CC09:38:3012:16:0015:30:00
31Grace ShardlowJ16Holme Pierrepont CC09:39:0012:17:0015:31:00
29Aimee CollinsJ16Frome CC09:39:3012:18:0015:32:00
27Anna-Louise GlendenningSProteus CC09:40:0012:19:0015:33:00
25Anoushka NabiliJ16Pinkston Panthers09:40:3012:20:0015:34:00
20Sennah Nader-HumphriesJ14Wyedean CC/Seren Dŵr / Pyranha09:41:0012:21:0015:35:00
19Brogan SwartJ16Wyedean CC/Colleg Gwent09:41:3012:22:0015:36:00
17Zoe Blythe-ShieldsJ14Independent09:42:0012:23:0015:37:00
16Lutza TorokU23Pinkston Panthers/UTE09:42:3012:24:0015:38:00
14Leah CameronJ16Pinkston Panthers/CR Cats09:43:0012:25:0015:39:00
13Arina KontchakovJ14Meridian CC/Lee Valley PC09:43:3012:26:0015:40:00
12Hannah ClementsU23Shepperton SCC/Llandysul Paddlers09:44:0012:27:0015:41:00
9Erika BaranauskaiteSIndependent09:44:3012:28:0015:42:00
7Irina MedunyakSIndependent09:45:0012:29:0015:43:00
6Mazel BrownJ16Proteus CC09:45:3012:30:0015:44:00
5Catie ThomsonJ18CR Cats/Edinburgh Schools KC09:46:0012:31:0015:45:00
2Aisling ConlanSGreen Star CC09:46:3012:32:0015:46:00

Officials A

RTCBibNameRankingAgeClubRun 1Run 2
39Rachel EllisPrem C1W 11J18Lee Valley PC/Neustar10:00:0011:28:00
38Bethan ForrowPrem C1W 3U23Lee Valley PC10:01:0011:29:00
37Joanna Blythe-ShieldsPrem C1W 8J18Independent10:02:0011:30:00
36Jada Mustafa-MoorePrem C1W 2J18Independent10:03:0011:31:00
34Tazmin BrownPrem K1W 54J18Proteus CC10:04:0011:32:00
33Grace BlackPrem K1W 43J18Manvers WBC10:05:0011:33:00
32Phoebe SpicerPrem K1W 15U23Lee Valley PC10:06:0011:34:00
31Eve OvingtonPrem K1W 14J18Lower Wharfe CC/Cleveland CC10:07:0011:35:00
30Nikita SetchellPrem K1W 3U23Holme Pierrepont CC10:08:0011:36:00
28James KettlePrem C1M 14U23Lee Valley PC10:09:0011:37:00
26Luke KevanePrem K1M 72J16Lower Wharfe CC/Vajda Talent10:10:0011:38:00
25Cody BrownPrem K1M 58J16Lower Wharfe CC/Custom Shutter Design10:11:0011:39:00
24Sam LeaverPrem K1M 32J16Edinburgh Schools KC/Projecx10:12:0011:40:00
22Ben HaylettPrem K1M 5U23Holme Pierrepont CC10:13:0011:41:00
21Etienne ChappellPrem K1M 3U23Seren Dŵr/Llandysul Paddlers10:14:0011:42:00

Officials B

RTCBibNameRankingAgeClubRun 1Run 2
19Lucy CundellPrem K1W 52J18Green Star CC14:35:0015:49:00
18Louise FerniePrem K1W 27J18Holme Pierrepont CC14:36:0015:50:00
17Helen RogersPrem K1W 22SCR Cats14:37:0015:51:00
15Gabrielle RidgePrem K1W 7U23Llandysul Paddlers/Seren Dŵr14:38:0015:52:00
14Sonny ShevillPrem C1M 23J16Lee Valley PC14:39:0015:53:00
13Luc RoylePrem C1M 18J18Stafford & Stone CC/FMS14:40:0015:54:00
12Alfie BootePrem C1M 9U23Stafford & Stone CC/Polyflon14:41:0015:55:00
11Patrick MarriottPrem C1M 6U23Break Out CC14:42:0015:56:00
10Thomas MerrifieldPrem K1M 61J16Taunton CC14:43:0015:57:00
9James GrocockPrem K1M 47J18Stafford & Stone CC14:44:0015:58:00
7Harvey MerrifieldPrem K1M 40U23Taunton CC14:45:0015:59:00
6Eren YalkinPrem K1M 28U23Lee Valley PC14:46:0016:00:00
5Robert FerniePrem K1M 22U23Holme Pierrepont CC14:47:0016:01:00
4Kurts Adams RozentalsPrem K1M 19J18Stafford & Stone CC14:48:0016:02:00
3Finlay Yates-JonesPrem K1M 18J18Llandysul Paddlers/Vajda14:49:0016:03:00
2Jonny DicksonPrem K1M 4U23CR Cats/Allatus Unity14:50:0016:04:00