2020Virtual Scottish Champs (Pinkston)

Start List

Virtual Scottish Slalom Championships 2020 We are excited to announce that the Virtual Scottish Slalom Championships will be going ahead at Pinkston on the 10-11 October 2020. 

The race has been heavily modified from how races are normally run to ensure it is safe to run and COVID Secure, so please read the following carefully to avoid any misunderstanding:

  • Paddlers may enter the race in the K1M, K1W, C1W or C1M disciplines only. Paddlers may only enter ONE discipline due to limited water time.  -
  • The race will be held on Saturday 10th and Sunday morning 11th October 2020. This is all the water we could book due to high demand. 
  • Online entries will open from midnight Saturday 5th September and close at midnight on Monday 21st September.  -
  • Entry fee is £12 per paddler. - 
  • Entrants will be sorted into groups not exceeding 8 based on households. Groups will be allocated a time period to enter the site, have their race and leave the site. We intend to avoid any overlap in groups, however, should timing skew groups are not allowed to mingle and social distancing of 2m must always be maintained.  -
  • Groups and slots will be allocated by the organising team when all entries are in. You will be informed of your group and slot 1 week prior to the race.  
  • During your time onsite you may complete as many full runs as you like. All runs will be timed and recorded by a Judging team on the island. There will be 2 judges per paddler per run to minimise error. Your best run will be counted however many you do. It is anticipated that you will have enough time to complete at least two proper full runs although they will of necessity be much closer in time than normal. 
  • There will be no appeals for penalties/timing. 
  • You may only perform full runs of the course. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.  
  • The island is off limits to everybody except the judging team.  
  • The judging team is not to be contacted regarding results/penalties. If you wish to have an indication of your time, have a group member time you from the outside of the course. - Results will be published after the race has concluded. 
  • Entering the race is agreement that you are responsible for your own health and safety (>16 years old) 
  • Parents are responsible for their child’s safety.  

Please note that this race is not the Scottish champs as you know from previous years. This is the Virtual Scottish champs, a modified slalom race, and therefore a different race. We have no physical prize for the winners, but the title of the ‘Virtual Scottish Champion’ in each category will be announced through social media.  

Whilst we recognise there are flaws in the race structure and it may not be the race some expected, it is the best we can do to run a race as safely as possible in the middle of a global pandemic. We ask that you comply with all our event rules and social distancing to contribute to the success of this Virtual Scottish Slalom Championships.  

The design of the activity is such that we do not expect any change in the Scottish Government rules to impact on what is proposed, however we live in uncertain times and it is not impossible that travel into the Glasgow area for example could be banned and we would then be forced to cancel. 

We will finalise the rules about access to the site and group changeovers nearer to the time to take account of then current rules. 

While support will be provided for major incidents / injury participants are expected to provide their own basic first aid support e.g. plasters and bandages.