2021Alva 3/4


Welcome to the first weekend of racing in the UK in 2021.   It will be a different race to usual but we are still delighted to be returning to racing.   

Sadly we have decided it is too challenging to have a cafe - please bring your own drinks and snacks.  We will have bottles of water and juice.

To help cover the costs of the toilets and sanitiser, we will be collecting a donation of a minimum of £1 per car on arrival.   You can pay with cash or contactless.

Paddlers need to enter in advance and no entries can be taken on the day as we need to manage the bubbles. Please enter here by midnight Wednesday  (19th May) or email crcats.events@gmail.com after this date if interested.

We have allowed for 1 parent per paddler - please let us know if 2 parents are planning to come so we can see if we can accommodate these extra parents. 

Please join the closed Facebook group 'Alva Slalom May 2021' to ask questions, get event updates and see the results. (no prizes will be awarded on the day).

For results, please see crcats.org/2020/05/14/alva-2021-races.   This has a link to the results which are being input online on the day.

Paddlers will be split into clubs and race in either the morning or afternoon as follows

Group A : CR CATS (24) 

09:00 - 10:00 Practice

10:30 - 12:00 Runs 1 and 2


Group B : Breadalbane (3), Strathallan(6) , ESKC (3) , Pinkston Panthers (4), Leithen Water Paddlers (1)


13:30 - 15:00 Practice

15:30 - 17:00 Runs and 2

Paddlers will need to have SCA membership if they want to race in Division 3 or 4. Please take out membership online in advance of the race

Canoe Slalom Entries

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Entries Accepted To Date

Please note this is a list of entries only, the running order may well be different.

A list of RTC code meanings is at the bottom of the entries page.


Div 3 K1M (10 entries)

183Ruaraidh FowlerJ12CR Cats
96Alistair ThackerJ12CR Cats
75Alastair McDonaldJ12CR Cats
73Brodan McDonaldJ14Strathallan CC
55Nick MainMCR Cats
53Gregor JacquesJ12CR Cats
43Douglas KnoxJ12Pinkston Panthers
38Andrew CarrJ14Strathallan CC
30Callum McDonaldJ16CR Cats
8Aidan ThackerJ14CR Cats

Div 3 K1W (8 entries)

73Francesca MainJ12CR Cats
65Freya PryceJ16Edinburgh Schools KC
48Josephine CarrJ12Strathallan CC
32Adeline HumphreyJ14CR Cats
24Sophie CameronJ14CR Cats
16Esme PriceJ14CR Cats
9Jane SargentMLeithen Water Paddlers
6Emma MacDonaldJ14CR Cats

Div 3 C1M (1 entry)

39Andrew CarrJ14Strathallan CC

C2 (2 entries)

999Hannah Toovey / Jack TooveySCR Cats
29Findlay McLean / Taliesin McLeanJ16Breadalbane CC

Div 4 K1M (13 entries)

999Joseph CieslarJ10Strathallan CC
999Thomas SouterJ10Pinkston Panthers
999Graham SouterMPinkston Panthers
999Nairn SandlanJ16Pinkston Panthers
999Findlay McKissockU23Pinkston Panthers
999Coll McDonaldJ10Strathallan CC
999Robert GrantJ12Breadalbane CC
999Joel GardnerJ12Pinkston Panthers
999Colin GardnerMPinkston Panthers
999Jack TooveyJ10CR Cats
999Campbell weirJ10Breadalbane CC
999Cameron McNabJ16Edinburgh Schools KC
999Andrew McKenzieJ16Strathallan CC

Div 4 K1W (8 entries)

999Katie Souter.J8Pinkston Panthers
999Greer SandlanJ12Pinkston Panthers
999Erica SandlanJ14Pinkston Panthers
999Iona LowJ14Edinburgh Schools KC
999Heather KellyJ16Pinkston Panthers
999Eve MacnamaraJ14Edinburgh Schools KC
999Bethany ThackerJ10CR Cats
999Zooey MainJ10CR Cats

Div 4 C1M (2 entries)

999Callum McDonaldJ16CR Cats
999Alastair McDonaldJ12CR Cats

Div 4 C1W (1 entry)

999Taliesin McLeanJ14Breadalbane CC

Officials (5 entries)

999Graham SouterK1M MPinkston Panthers
7Jim WallisDiv 2 C1M 7MPinkston Panthers
131Alistair RossDiv 2 K1M 131J14Strathallan CC
66Murray E WeirDiv 2 K1M 66J14Breadalbane CC
81Irvine McDonaldDiv 1 K1M 81J16Strathallan CC/Central Squads

Spectators (19 entries)

999Iona LowK1W J14Edinburgh Schools KC
999Heather KellyK1W J16Pinkston Panthers
999Andrew McKenzieK1M J16Strathallan CC
65Freya PryceDiv 3 K1W 65J16Edinburgh Schools KC
133Stuart MacDonaldDiv 2 K1M 133MCR Cats
131Alistair RossDiv 2 K1M 131J14Strathallan CC
999Marek CieslarNon Paddler S
999Robert SandlanNon Paddler MPinkston Panthers
999Vonnie SandlanNon Paddler MPinkston Panthers
999Lynne MainNon Paddler SCR Cats
999Kevin. GrantNon Paddler SBreadalbane CC
999Ian P CarrNon Paddler SStrathallan CC
999Rosalind CarrNon Paddler SStrathallan CC
999Michelle McNabNon Paddler S
999Ken MacnamaraNon Paddler MEdinburgh Schools KC
999Owen Inglis HumphreyNon Paddler MCR Cats
999Wendy Inglis HumphreyNon Paddler M
999Kirsteen CameronNon Paddler S
999Barbara KnoxNon Paddler SPinkston Panthers