2021Manvers 4/Open

Practice day Saturday, Sunday Practice & Competition. Council Camp site on site

Please note that this competition has been moved from Hatfield to Manvers.

Canoe Slalom Entries

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Entries Accepted To Date

Please note this is a list of entries only, the running order may well be different.

A list of RTC code meanings is at the bottom of the entries page.


Div 4 K1M (22 entries)

£29Thomas LeggJ6Green Star CC
27Franklin SingletonJ8Manvers WBC
26Joesph FayemiJ8Manvers WBC
*25Sebastian PlattsJ8Manvers WBC
*24Austin HagueJ8Manvers WBC
£23Aaron ZicmanJ8Green Star CC
22Finley boothmanJ8Manvers WBC
21Noah m WareingJ8Manvers WBC
£20Robert ZicmanJ10Green Star CC
*19George LumbJ10Bradford & Bingley CC
*18Toby CookeJ10West Yorkshire CC
16Jonathon YoungJ14Green Star CC
£15Thomas BuckleyJ12Green Star CC
£14Evan WestrunJ12Green Star CC
*13Seth JonesJ12West Yorkshire CC
*11Jacob LumbJ14Bradford & Bingley CC
£9Alfie StubbsJ14Green Star CC
£8Will VineJ14Green Star CC
7Oscar ThompsonJ14Manvers WBC
£5Ryan CassidyJ18Green Star CC
3Leon oczosSManvers WBC
*1Sam MeadowsSGreen Star CC

Div 4 K1W (9 entries)

*65Daisy M MocklerJ8
*64Isla ArdenJ8Manvers WBC
62Erica ThompsonJ10Manvers WBC
£61Faith BuckleyJ10Green Star CC
*57Isabell C MacKinnonJ14Manvers WBC
£54Salli GreenSGreen Star CC
51Lisa SingletonMManvers WBC
*9Lily-maiJ12Manvers WBC
8Kodi Bussey-DilkesJ8Manchester CC

Div 4 C1M (1 entry)

£80William GoodheadJ14Green Star CC

Officials (7 entries)

*21Noah m WareingK1M J8Manvers WBC
281Matthew ArdenDiv 3 K1M 281J16Manvers WBC
269Lewis ArdenDiv 3 K1M 269J14Manvers WBC
£*77Louis AudainDiv 3 K1M 77J18West Yorkshire CC
45Russell HaighDiv 3 K1M 45MGreen Star CC
75Grace HaighDiv 2 K1W 75U23Green Star CC
34Jacob MocklerDiv 2 K1M 34J12Manvers WBC

Open K1M (2 entries)

*12Theodore MewsK1M J12Green Star CC
15Beinn RobertsDiv 3 K1M 15J16Green Star CC/Glanford and Scunthorpe CC

Open K1W (1 entry)

71Alyssa MeadowsDiv 3 K1W 71J14Green Star CC

Spectators (26 entries)

*999Noah m WareingK1M J8Manvers WBC
999Seth JonesK1M J12West Yorkshire CC
999Finley boothmanK1M J8Manvers WBC
999Austin HagueK1M J8Manvers WBC
999Sebastian PlattsK1M J8Manvers WBC
999Oscar ThompsonK1M J14Manvers WBC
*57Isabell MackinnonK1W J14Manvers WBC
*11Jacob LumbK1M J14Bradford & Bingley CC
283Richard ArdenDiv 3 K1M 283MManvers WBC
999Emma dysonNon Paddler MManvers WBC
999Neal BoothmanNon Paddler MManvers WBC
999John GoodheadNon Paddler MGreen Star CC
999Samantha GoodheadNon Paddler MGreen Star CC
999Mark. HullNon Paddler SManvers WBC
999daughter HullNon Paddler SManvers WBC
999Rich CookeNon Paddler MWest Yorkshire CC
999Elizabeth hullNon Paddler S
999Grant Mockler TaxiNon Paddler S
999Darren SingletonNon Paddler MManvers WBC
999Liz MocklerNon Paddler S
999Emma NealNon Paddler SManvers WBC
999Mark BrownNon Paddler SManvers WBC
999John NealNon Paddler SManvers WBC
999Simon ThompsonNon Paddler MManvers WBC
999Anna ThompsonNon Paddler S
999Donna MackinnonNon Paddler MManvers WBC
  • £ - paddler owes money
  • * - card required