2021GB U23 & Junior Selection

This event will be GB U23 and Junior Selection only. The event is open to only those paddlers who are eligible.  Full details in this International Panel Statement. http://www.canoeslalom.co.uk/committee/International%20Panel%20Statement%2006_04_21.pdf

Entry fee is per boat £40 for the two days.  Entries from any paddlers not eligible will be rejected and refunded but the Admin fee will not be refunded. 

There will be no C2 or Veterans Events and there will be no Officials Event. We're sorry that the event can't be open to all in these difficult circumstances and hope you understand how difficult some of the decisions are to make.

Selection points will follow Selection Policy.

Entry Opening date has been moved back to 18 April. 

It is anticipated that the HPP Campsite will be opened on 17 May 2021 provided the Government guidelines follow the planned program.

Unfortunately, the Paul McConkey Trophy, Martin Hedges Trophy and Ruth Holdway Trophy will not be awarded this year as the event is not open to all.

This event will inevitably be run under some Covid restrictions which will be communicated nearer the time. We intend to use the NHS track and trace system in case of a Covid issue. Please download the NHS Covid-19 App and scan the QR code when you arrive.

Canoe Slalom Entries

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Entries Accepted To Date

Please note this is a list of entries only, the running order may well be different.

A list of RTC code meanings is at the bottom of the entries page.


K1M (49 entries)

51Woody SouthDiv 1 K1M 51J16Lee Valley PCJUN
48Oliver LorenzDiv 1 K1M 48J16North Wales Slalom/Llandysul PaddlersJUN
47Harry JoyceDiv 1 K1M 47J16Shepperton SCCJUN
42Murray RobbDiv 1 K1M 42J16CR CatsJUN
40William ChristmasDiv 1 K1M 40J18Wyedean CCJUN
39Felix NeweyDiv 1 K1M 39J18Wyedean CCJUN
35James JacksonDiv 1 K1M 35J18Seren DŵrJUN
34Sam Rice-JonesDiv 1 K1M 34J16Mold CCJUN
32Luca Cano-MoleDiv 1 K1M 32J16Shepperton SCCJUN
31Ben FarrellDiv 1 K1M 31J18Seren DŵrJUN
30Oscar WyllieDiv 1 K1M 30J16Breadalbane CCJUN
29Philip SmithDiv 1 K1M 29J18Winchester & District CCJUN
28Callum MasseyDiv 1 K1M 28J18Break Out CCJUN
22Finn JohnsonDiv 1 K1M 22J18Frome CCJUN
21Tim BarryDiv 1 K1M 21J18Manchester CCJUN
20James RennieDiv 1 K1M 20J18Holme Pierrepont CCJUN
14Klass Francisks RozentalsDiv 1 K1M 14J16Stafford & Stone CCJUN
12Rhodri SlavenDiv 1 K1M 12J18North Wales SlalomJUN
9Eddie MackintoshDiv 1 K1M 9J16Manchester CC/Hexham CCJUN
8Ben BrownDiv 1 K1M 8J18Holme Pierrepont CCJUN
7David Bradley MasonDiv 1 K1M 7J18Wyedean CC/Stroud Valley CCJUN
6Robert GuestDiv 1 K1M 6J16Manchester CCJUN
93Jacob LinesPrem K1M 93J18Frome CC/PRFM LtdJUN
86James BrownPrem K1M 86J18CR CatsJUN
84Joe ClarkePrem K1M 84SStafford & Stone CC
74Edward McDonaldPrem K1M 74J16Holme Pierrepont CCJUN
72Luke KevanePrem K1M 72J18Lower Wharfe CC/Vajda TalentJUN
66Milan AysanPrem K1M 66J18Lee Valley PCJUN
62Danny TaylorPrem K1M 62J18Viking KCJUN
61Thomas MerrifieldPrem K1M 61J18Taunton CCJUN
60Matthew ElliottPrem K1M 60J18Llandysul PaddlersJUN
58Cody BrownPrem K1M 58J16Lower Wharfe CC/Custom Shutter DesignJUN
52Daniel ReesPrem K1M 52J18Llandysul PaddlersJUN
43Jack O'ConnorPrem K1M 43J18IndependentJUN
42Thomas MayerPrem K1M 42J18Stafford & Stone CCJUN
32Sam LeaverPrem K1M 32J18Edinburgh Schools KC/Projecx032
28Eren YalkinPrem K1M 28U23Lee Valley PC029
27Finn Reilly-McQueenPrem K1M 27U23Holme Pierrepont CC028
25Matthew CurryPrem K1M 25U23Holme Pierrepont CC026
24Edward DickinsonPrem K1M 24U23Stafford & Stone CC025
22Robert FerniePrem K1M 22U23Holme Pierrepont CC024
18Finlay Yates-JonesPrem K1M 18U23Llandysul Paddlers/Vajda020
17Reilly VernonPrem K1M 17U23Holme Pierrepont CC019
9Jake BrownPrem K1M 9U23Tees Tigers012
7David PatersonPrem K1M 7U23Manchester CC011
5Ben HaylettPrem K1M 5U23Holme Pierrepont CC010
4Jonny DicksonPrem K1M 4U23CR Cats/Allatus Unity009
3Etienne ChappellPrem K1M 3U23Seren Dŵr/Llandysul Paddlers006
2Christopher BowersPrem K1M 2U23Stafford & Stone CC003

K1W (36 entries)

29Aimee CollinsDiv 1 K1W 29J16Frome CCJUN
20Sennah Nader-HumphriesDiv 1 K1W 20J16Wyedean CC/Seren Dŵr / PyranhaJUN
19Brogan SwartDiv 1 K1W 19J16Wyedean CC/Colleg GwentJUN
14Leah CameronDiv 1 K1W 14J16Pinkston Panthers/CR CatsJUN
11Georgia HolmesDiv 1 K1W 11J18Breadalbane CCJUN
6Mazel BrownDiv 1 K1W 6J16Proteus CCJUN
56Evie BrownPrem K1W 56J18Lee Valley PCJUN
54Tazmin BrownPrem K1W 54J18Proteus CCJUN
53Kate LyndonPrem K1W 53J16Stafford & Stone CCJUN
52Lucy CundellPrem K1W 52J18Green Star CCJUN
48Carla GordonPrem K1W 48J18Holme Pierrepont CCJUN
46Claire DenvirPrem K1W 46J18CR CatsJUN
43Grace BlackPrem K1W 43J18Manvers WBCJUN
41Olivia AldersonPrem K1W 41J18Holme Pierrepont CC/CWUJUN
39Lydia LaffordPrem K1W 39J18Wyedean CCJUN
38Ruth BramleyPrem K1W 38J18Llandysul Paddlers/McDonalds/U23JUN
36Joely WallingPrem K1W 36J18Shepperton SCCJUN
34Katie ShattockPrem K1W 34J18Taunton CCJUN
30Catrin SchroderPrem K1W 30J18Llandysul Paddlers030
29Joanna Blythe-ShieldsPrem K1W 29J18Independent029
27Louise FerniePrem K1W 27J18Holme Pierrepont CC027
26Rachel EllisPrem K1W 26J18Lee Valley PC/Neustar026
25Olivia HooperPrem K1W 25U23Holme Pierrepont CC025
21Macy KangPrem K1W 21J18Holme Pierrepont CC021
20Natasha PottingerPrem K1W 20U23Strathallan CC/Central Squads020
19Madelaine JenningsPrem K1W 19U23Breadalbane CC019
18Daisy CooilPrem K1W 18U23Tees Tigers/Vajda018
17Kimberley WoodsPrem K1W 17SRugby CC/HydraSports / Nationwide Windows
16Rebecca OgilviePrem K1W 16U23CR Cats009
15Phoebe SpicerPrem K1W 15U23Lee Valley PC017
13Bethan ForrowPrem K1W 13U23Lee Valley PC007
11Ellis MillerPrem K1W 11U23Lee Valley PC014
8Sophie OgilviePrem K1W 8U23CR Cats/Allatus Unity005
5Lois LeaverPrem K1W 5U23Edinburgh Schools KC/Projecx010
4Megan Hamer-EvansPrem K1W 4U23Seren Dŵr004
3Nikita SetchellPrem K1W 3U23Holme Pierrepont CC008

C1M (25 entries)

21Jacob LinesDiv 1 C1M 21J18Frome CC/PRFM LtdJUN
17Woody SouthDiv 1 C1M 17J16Lee Valley PCJUN
16George HarrattDiv 1 C1M 16J18Stafford & Stone CCJUN
12James RennieDiv 1 C1M 12J18Holme Pierrepont CCJUN
10Klass Francisks RozentalsDiv 1 C1M 10J16Stafford & Stone CCJUN
4Philip SmithDiv 1 C1M 4J18Winchester & District CCJUN
3Harry DownesDiv 1 C1M 3J18IndependentJUN
41Angus GibsonPrem C1M 41U23Strathallan CC008
40Gabriel KeenPrem C1M 40J18Holme Pierrepont CCJUN
35William FotheringhamPrem C1M 35U23Strathallan CC027
34Edward McDonaldPrem C1M 34J16Holme Pierrepont CCJUN
30Milan AysanPrem C1M 30J18Lee Valley PCJUN
23Sonny ShevillPrem C1M 23J18Lee Valley PC024
21Robert FerniePrem C1M 21U23Holme Pierrepont CC023
20Michael DenvirPrem C1M 20U23Forth CC022
19Jake CoxPrem C1M 19U23Lee Valley PC021
18Luc RoylePrem C1M 18J18Stafford & Stone CC/FMS020
17Adam BurgessPrem C1M 17SStafford & Stone CC/JCB Ltd
14James KettlePrem C1M 14U23Lee Valley PC012
13Zach PearsonPrem C1M 13U23Holme Pierrepont CC/Alexandra Workwear017
12Vittorio PezzaioliPrem C1M 12U23CR Cats016
9Alfie BootePrem C1M 9U23Stafford & Stone CC/Polyflon011
8Kurts Adams RozentalsPrem C1M 8U23Stafford & Stone CC010
7Sam MaingayPrem C1M 7U23Stafford & Stone CC/FMS Car and Truck009
5Peter LinkstedPrem C1M 5U23Stirling & Falkirk CC/CST Global Ltd007

C1W (16 entries)

7Katie ShattockDiv 1 C1W 7J18Taunton CCJUN
5Grace ShardlowDiv 1 C1W 5J18Holme Pierrepont CCJUN
3Charlotte LucasDiv 1 C1W 3J18IndependentJUN
22Carla GordonPrem C1W 22J18Holme Pierrepont CCJUN
16Louise FerniePrem C1W 16J18Holme Pierrepont CC016
13Daisy CooilPrem C1W 13U23Tees Tigers014
12Ailsa GourlayPrem C1W 12U23Strathallan CC013
11Rachel EllisPrem C1W 11J18Lee Valley PC/Neustar012
8Joanna Blythe-ShieldsPrem C1W 8J18Independent011
7Ellis MillerPrem C1W 7U23Lee Valley PC007
6Phoebe SpicerPrem C1W 6U23Lee Valley PC010
5Emily DaviesPrem C1W 5U23North Wales Slalom/Bala CC009
4Sophie OgilviePrem C1W 4U23CR Cats/Allatus Unity003
3Bethan ForrowPrem C1W 3U23Lee Valley PC005
2Jada Mustafa-MoorePrem C1W 2U23Independent006
1Mallory FranklinPrem C1W 1SWindsor & District CC