2021Langham Farm Frome 3/4 Double

 For satnav use postcode BA11 6PS.  This takes you to Rode Hill where you will see the Memorial Hall.  The track to Langham Farm is across the road.  Follow the slalom signs.  Although the postcode to Langham Farm farmhouse next to the slalom site is BA11 6PL, some satnavs appear to take you via the farmyard.  There is no access from the farmyard to the slalom site.     

******COVID-19 UPDATE*****

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation we have made a few changes to our event this year.

Reluctantly we have made the decision to have no camping on the site this year and also there will be no refreshments tent. 

We would also like to ask all competitors to travel with the minimum amount of non paddlers as possible. This is in order to reduce the number of people on site and aid with social distancing. 

We understand that the changes may not to be everyone's liking but the decisions have been made to ensure the event can happen in the safest way possible. 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for you cooperation and ongoing support  

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