2021Pinkston 2/3 Double

This race is going to be a challenge to organise, but we will if we can. The current plan is based on the current Scottish levels 0-4 (stay at home) and SCA Paddlesports Guidance 6th Jan, if these change the race plan is likely to change.

A web page will be set up for more detailed information, but some explanation is needed here.

We need at least the central part of Scotland to be in level 2 (or lower) by 27th March for the race to be in any way viable, entries will open on 29th March if this has happened. Our final decision to go ahead or not will be made on 10th April, we strongly advise anyone thinking of entering to enter before then so we have a good idea of numbers. Entries will close on 17th April so we have time to plan out the sessions.

Assuming we are running under level 2, we will only be allowed to have 30 people on the site at any time, including officials and centre staff. This means we will need to split paddlers into groups of 15 (max), and it means we cannot have parents or spectators on site. We will expect to have 45 div 2 places (3 sessions) and 15 div 3 places (1 session), which is a close match to the ratio of div 2 : div 3 in previous years. To avoid over-subscription of one division over the other we may release places in batches until the limits are reached.

Welfare of younger competitors is a major concern and we will have additional welfare officers on the day.

Every aspect is going to need to be planned in advance, down to number of judges and judging schedule so if you would like to help please get in touch. There may not be a judges race.

SCA Paddlesports Guidance 6th Jan

Please note that we do NOT expect to be able to provide additional practise sessions, camping on site or catering this year due to Covid-19 considerations.

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