2021Pinkston Div 2 Single

Start List

Free Practise from 10:00 until 10:45 

If working sections please be aware of and give way to paddlers on full runs

Official Practice from 11:00 - Full runs only as per the rules. Remember you must stay on the water for 2 more boats to finish during official practice.

1st Runs from 12:00

2nd Runs from 13:15

Remember you must stay on the water for 2 more boats to finish after race runs

Judges / Officials you will be ahead of the main runs with enough time to get off and put warm clothing over paddling kit before going to position. Do not wait for 2 more boats to finish. Officials on bank safety must stay in paddling gear in case you need to jump in to help someone.



RTCBibNameRankingAgeClubOfficial PracticeRun 1Run 2
20Dave RadmoreVets K1M 20SIndependent11:00:0011:40:0012:50:00
42Gracie GormalDiv 1 K1W 42J18Pinkston Panthers11:00:3011:41:0012:51:00
105Scott RitchieDiv 1 K1M 105J16Pinkston Panthers11:01:0011:42:0012:52:00
42Murray RobbDiv 1 K1M 42J16CR Cats11:01:3011:43:0012:53:00
70Michael BrownPrem K1M 70SCR Cats11:02:0011:44:0012:54:00

Div 2 C1M

RTCBibNameAgeClubOfficial PracticeRun 1Run 2
7Jim WallisMPinkston Panthers11:05:3012:00:0013:15:00

Div 2 C1W

RTCBibNameAgeClubOfficial PracticeRun 1Run 2
20Hannah TooveyJ14CR Cats11:06:3012:03:0013:18:00


RTCBibNameAgeClubOfficial PracticeRun 1Run 2
999Claire Wilson / Anoushka NabiliSCR Cats11:07:3012:06:0013:21:00


RTCBibNameAgeClubOfficial PracticeRun 1Run 2
47David QuinnMPinkston Panthers11:08:3012:09:0013:24:00

Div 2 K1M

RTCBibNameAgeClubOfficial PracticeRun 1Run 2
183Ruaraidh FowlerJ14CR Cats11:09:3012:12:0013:27:00
55Nick MainMCR Cats11:10:0012:13:0013:28:00
30Callum McDonaldJ16CR Cats11:10:3012:14:0013:29:00
138Adam KnoxJ16Pinkston Panthers/Central Squads11:11:0012:15:0013:30:00
133Stuart MacDonaldMCR Cats11:11:3012:16:0013:31:00
89Geoff WearsMCR Cats11:12:0012:17:0013:32:00
83Gordon RobbMCR Cats11:12:3012:18:0013:33:00
80Matthew TelferJ14Forth CC11:13:0012:19:0013:34:00
66Murray E WeirJ14Breadalbane CC11:13:3012:20:0013:35:00
62Steven HosieMAberdeen KC11:14:0012:21:0013:36:00
58Arthur JacquesJ16CR Cats11:14:3012:22:0013:37:00
31Fergus DavieJ14Breadalbane CC11:15:0012:23:0013:38:00
26Alex ThomsonJ14CR Cats/Edinburgh Schools KC11:15:3012:24:0013:39:00

Div 2 K1W

RTCBibNameAgeClubOfficial PracticeRun 1Run 2
32Adeline HumphreyJ14CR Cats11:16:3012:27:0013:42:00
6Emma MacDonaldJ14CR Cats11:17:0012:28:0013:43:00
88Sophie CameronJ14CR Cats11:17:3012:29:0013:44:00
69Helena NabiliJ12Pinkston Panthers11:18:0012:30:0013:45:00
32Aimee CameronJ14CR Cats11:18:3012:31:0013:46:00
9Hannah TooveyJ14CR Cats11:19:0012:32:0013:47:00