2021Scottish Championships (Tully)

Canoe Slalom Entries

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Entries Accepted To Date - 6 days to go.

Please note this is a list of entries only, the running order may well be different.

A list of RTC code meanings is at the bottom of the entries page.


Special K1M (23 entries)

999Fraser Gormal MK1M MPinkston Panthers
999Simon HallK1M MCR Cats
999Andrew DuffyK1M MCR Cats
999Malcolm KerrK1M MCR Cats
87Jamie HarveyDiv 2 K1M 87J12Breadalbane CC
80Matthew TelferDiv 2 K1M 80J14Forth CC
66Murray E WeirDiv 2 K1M 66J14Breadalbane CC
31Fergus DavieDiv 2 K1M 31J14Breadalbane CC
107Alex ThomsonDiv 1 K1M 107J14CR Cats/Edinburgh Schools KC
106Benjamin HarveyDiv 1 K1M 106J16Breadalbane CC
105Scott RitchieDiv 1 K1M 105J16Pinkston Panthers
104Elliot DavieDiv 1 K1M 104J16Breadalbane CC
88Matthew CameronDiv 1 K1M 88J16CR Cats
81Irvine McDonaldDiv 1 K1M 81J16Strathallan CC/Central Squads
65Nathan NabiliDiv 1 K1M 65J16Pinkston Panthers
45Alasdair McMullenDiv 1 K1M 45SStrathallan CC
42Murray RobbDiv 1 K1M 42J16CR Cats
104Oscar WylliePrem K1M 104J16Breadalbane CC
86James BrownPrem K1M 86J18CR Cats
83Bradley Forbes-CryansPrem K1M 83SCR Cats/Allatus / Rapidblocs
78Vittorio PezzaioliPrem K1M 78U23CR Cats
37Andrew DouglasPrem K1M 37U23Aberdeen KC
32Sam LeaverPrem K1M 32J18Edinburgh Schools KC/Projecx

Special K1W (15 entries)

61Jane GibsonVets K1W 61VStrathallan CC
69Helena NabiliDiv 2 K1W 69J12Pinkston Panthers
32Aimee CameronDiv 2 K1W 32J14CR Cats
42Gracie GormalDiv 1 K1W 42J18Pinkston Panthers
40Olivia WearsDiv 1 K1W 40J16CR Cats
25Anoushka NabiliDiv 1 K1W 25J18Pinkston Panthers
24Claire WilsonDiv 1 K1W 24J16CR Cats
14Leah CameronDiv 1 K1W 14J16Pinkston Panthers/CR Cats
49Laura MilnePrem K1W 49U23Pinkston Panthers
20Natasha PottingerPrem K1W 20U23Strathallan CC/Central Squads
19Madelaine JenningsPrem K1W 19U23Breadalbane CC
8Sophie OgilviePrem K1W 8U23CR Cats/Allatus Unity
6Amber MaslenPrem K1W 6SIndependent/GlenLyon Coffee / Dare2B
5Lois LeaverPrem K1W 5U23Edinburgh Schools KC/Projecx
1Fiona PenniePrem K1W 1SCR Cats/Peak UK / Gpower / Vajda

Special C1M (7 entries)

999Stewart PittC1M MPinkston Panthers
99Gary GibsonVets C1M 99SStrathallan CC
7Jim WallisDiv 2 C1M 7MPinkston Panthers
41Angus GibsonPrem C1M 41U23Strathallan CC
28Jack KellettPrem C1M 28U23CR Cats
20Michael DenvirPrem C1M 20U23Forth CC
12Vittorio PezzaioliPrem C1M 12U23CR Cats

Special C1W (7 entries)

999Madelaine JenningsC1W U23Breadalbane CC
999Fiona PennieC1W SCR Cats
9Leah CameronDiv 2 C1W 9J16Pinkston Panthers/CR Cats
6Laura MilneDiv 1 C1W 6U23Pinkston Panthers
15Eilidh GibsonPrem C1W 15SStrathallan CC
12Ailsa GourlayPrem C1W 12U23Strathallan CC
4Sophie OgilviePrem C1W 4U23CR Cats/Allatus Unity

C2 (1 entry)

999Michael Denvir / Vittorio PezzaioliC2 SForth CC

Spectators (22 entries)

80Matthew TelferDiv 2 K1M 80J14Forth CC
66Murray E WeirDiv 2 K1M 66J14Breadalbane CC
81Irvine McDonaldDiv 1 K1M 81J16Strathallan CC/Central Squads
999Jim McPhersonNon Paddler MLeithen Water Paddlers
999Gina HeywoodNon Paddler SPinkston Panthers
999Craig RitchieNon Paddler MPinkston Panthers
999Helen RobbNon Paddler SCR Cats
999SHANNON DAVIENon Paddler MBreadalbane CC
999Caroline ThomsonNon Paddler MCR Cats
999Andrew ThomsonNon Paddler MCR Cats
999Ken S BaillieNon Paddler SAberdeen KC
999Kirsteen CameronNon Paddler S
999Fiona DouglasNon Paddler MAberdeen KC
999Craig CD DouglasNon Paddler MAberdeen KC
999Chris BaillieNon Paddler MAberdeen KC
999Neil WilsonNon Paddler SCR Cats
999Kara-Linn WilsonNon Paddler SCR Cats
999Maureen PennieNon Paddler S
999Lynsey DouglasNon Paddler M
999Scott R cameronNon Paddler SCR Cats
999Jennifer CameronNon Paddler SCR Cats
104Oscar WylliePrem K1M 104J16Breadalbane CC