2021Scottish Championships (Tully)

Start List

  Firstly, thank you to everyone who has volunteered for roles on the day. We would benefit from more judges from non-competitors so if you can judge please let us know.  

Course construction will take place on Friday from 2:30pm. If you can help with this please come- Ken will need help in setting up the start and finish beams in addition to another team assembling the course.  

Due to a lack of volunteers, safety will be 3 nominated athletes from each category providing safety for the next category, so please check in at control in the morning to see if this is you. The standard wait for 2 paddlers after your runs will also be enforced for additional safety cover.  

We have had no volunteers for catering so far. If you want hot drinks/home baking to be provided then please volunteer to run this otherwise there will be none.  

Team Runs: After first runs the teams will be decided for the team runs. If you do NOT want to take part in teams please let us know prior to first runs. If you are entering in more than one category please let us know which category you will compete in teams for. For example, if you are entering both K1 and C1 you must let us know which you would like to do in teams, you cannot do both in team runs.  

Although legal restrictions around COVID have been relaxed it is imperative that we all act responsibly.  As with other races this year the aim is to minimise the build up of crowds and results will be online with WhatsApp being used to communicate information, such as protest decisions and unofficial/official results. 

Event Whatsapp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/LhfnpcxHYjEI33hXWMf0xq  

It is advised that everyone attending take a Lateral Flow Test just prior to the event (available from your local pharmacy). If the test is positive, they should take a PCR test and if still positive, they should contact Test and Trace and stay away from this event. Anyone with covid symptoms or who should be isolating must not attend the event.      

We aim to start Demo runs at 10am and racing at 11am with second runs starting at 13:30pm followed by the team runs. After racing all participants must help in deconstructing the course, we will not host prize giving until this has been completed. 

 The slalom committee will be hosting the ACM just prior to prize giving in the carpark. If you have anything you would like added to the agenda please email the secretary, Maddy, maddy.jennings@canoescotland.org This will be important for everybody to attend to ensure everybody gets their say in the development of slalom in Scotland.  

Looking forward to seeing you all there,  

Maddy and Vitto 

Race Organisers     



RTCBibNameRankingAgeClubRun 2

Special K1W

RTCBibNameRankingAgeClubRun 1Run 2
61Jane GibsonVets K1W 61VStrathallan CC11:00:0014:10:00
x43Sophie CameronDiv 2 K1W 88J14CR Cats/Pinkston Panthers11:01:0014:11:00
x41Helena NabiliDiv 2 K1W 69J12Pinkston Panthers11:02:0014:12:00
x32Aimee CameronDiv 2 K1W 32J14CR Cats11:03:0014:13:00
55Taliesin McLeanDiv 1 K1W 55J14Breadalbane CC/Strathallan CC11:04:0014:14:00
x42Gracie GormalDiv 1 K1W 42J18Pinkston Panthers11:05:0014:15:00
x40Olivia WearsDiv 1 K1W 40J16CR Cats11:06:0014:16:00
x25Anoushka NabiliDiv 1 K1W 25J18Pinkston Panthers11:07:0014:17:00
x24Claire WilsonDiv 1 K1W 24J16CR Cats11:08:0014:18:00
x14Leah CameronDiv 1 K1W 14J16Pinkston Panthers/CR Cats11:09:0014:19:00
5Catie ThomsonDiv 1 K1W 5U23CR Cats/Edinburgh Schools KC11:10:0014:20:00
49Laura MilnePrem K1W 49U23Pinkston Panthers11:11:0014:21:00
20Natasha PottingerPrem K1W 20U23Strathallan CC/Central Squads11:12:0014:22:00
19Madelaine JenningsPrem K1W 19U23Breadalbane CC11:13:0014:23:00
16Rebecca OgilviePrem K1W 16U23CR Cats11:14:0014:24:00
8Sophie OgilviePrem K1W 8U23CR Cats/Allatus Unity11:15:0014:25:00
6Amber MaslenPrem K1W 6SIndependent/GlenLyon Coffee / Dare2B11:16:0014:26:00
1Fiona PenniePrem K1W 1SCR Cats/Peak UK / Gpower / Vajda11:17:0014:27:00

Special K1M

RTCBibNameRankingAgeClubRun 1Run 2
x207Kevin McHughK1M M11:21:0013:38:00
x203Fraser Gormal MK1M MPinkston Panthers11:22:0013:39:00
x202Simon HallK1M MCR Cats11:23:0013:40:00
x201Andrew DuffyK1M MCR Cats11:24:0013:41:00
x200Malcolm KerrK1M MCR Cats11:25:0013:42:00
131Alistair RossDiv 2 K1M 131J14Strathallan CC11:26:0013:43:00
87Jamie HarveyDiv 2 K1M 87J12Breadalbane CC11:27:0013:44:00
80Matthew TelferDiv 2 K1M 80J14Forth CC11:28:0013:45:00
66Murray E WeirDiv 2 K1M 66J14Breadalbane CC11:29:0013:46:00
58Arthur JacquesDiv 2 K1M 58J16CR Cats11:30:0013:47:00
31Fergus DavieDiv 2 K1M 31J14Breadalbane CC11:31:0013:48:00
x107Alex ThomsonDiv 1 K1M 107J14CR Cats/Edinburgh Schools KC11:32:0013:49:00
106Benjamin HarveyDiv 1 K1M 106J16Breadalbane CC11:33:0013:50:00
105Scott RitchieDiv 1 K1M 105J16Pinkston Panthers11:34:0013:51:00
104Elliot DavieDiv 1 K1M 104J16Breadalbane CC11:35:0013:52:00
x103Matthew CameronDiv 1 K1M 88J16CR Cats11:36:0013:53:00
81Irvine McDonaldDiv 1 K1M 81J16Strathallan CC/Central Squads11:37:0013:54:00
76Findlay McLeanDiv 1 K1M 76J16Breadalbane CC/Strathallan CC11:38:0013:55:00
x50Nathan NabiliDiv 1 K1M 65J16Pinkston Panthers11:39:0013:56:00
45Alasdair McMullenDiv 1 K1M 45SStrathallan CC11:40:0013:57:00
42Murray RobbDiv 1 K1M 42J16CR Cats11:41:0013:58:00
104Oscar WylliePrem K1M 104J16Breadalbane CC11:42:0013:59:00
x102Padraig CowanPrem K1M 91J18Breadalbane CC11:43:0014:00:00
86James BrownPrem K1M 86J18CR Cats11:44:0014:01:00
83Bradley Forbes-CryansPrem K1M 83SCR Cats/Allatus / Rapidblocs11:45:0014:02:00
78Vittorio PezzaioliPrem K1M 78U23CR Cats11:46:0014:03:00
37Andrew DouglasPrem K1M 37U23Aberdeen KC11:47:0014:04:00
32Sam LeaverPrem K1M 32J18Edinburgh Schools KC/Projecx11:48:0014:05:00
14Stuart GerriePrem K1M 14SAberdeen KC11:49:0014:06:00

Special C1M

RTCBibNameRankingAgeClubRun 1Run 2
x206Mark DelaneyC1M M11:53:0014:31:00
x101Stewart PittC1M MPinkston Panthers11:54:0014:32:00
x100Gary GibsonVets C1M 99SStrathallan CC11:55:0014:33:00
7Jim WallisDiv 2 C1M 7MPinkston Panthers11:56:0014:34:00
43Findlay McLeanDiv 1 C1M 43J16Breadalbane CC11:57:0014:35:00
£24Ryan MallonDiv 1 C1M 24J16CR Cats11:58:0014:36:00
6Aaron HolmesDiv 1 C1M 6U23Breadalbane CC11:59:0014:37:00
41Angus GibsonPrem C1M 41U23Strathallan CC12:00:0014:38:00
35William FotheringhamPrem C1M 35U23Strathallan CC12:01:0014:39:00
28Jack KellettPrem C1M 28U23CR Cats12:02:0014:40:00
20Michael DenvirPrem C1M 20U23Forth CC12:03:0014:41:00
12Vittorio PezzaioliPrem C1M 12U23CR Cats12:04:0014:42:00

Special C1W

RTCBibNameRankingAgeClubRun 1Run 2
19Madelaine JenningsC1W U23Breadalbane CC12:08:0014:46:00
1Fiona PennieC1W SCR Cats12:09:0014:47:00
27Taliesin McLeanDiv 2 C1W 27J14Breadalbane CC/Strathallan CC12:10:0014:48:00
9Leah CameronDiv 2 C1W 9J16Pinkston Panthers/CR Cats12:11:0014:49:00
6Laura MilneDiv 1 C1W 6U23Pinkston Panthers12:12:0014:50:00
15Eilidh GibsonPrem C1W 15SStrathallan CC12:13:0014:51:00
12Ailsa GourlayPrem C1W 12U23Strathallan CC12:14:0014:52:00
x4Sophie OgilviePrem C1W 4U23CR Cats/Allatus Unity12:15:0014:53:00


RTCBibNameRankingAgeClubRun 1Run 2
£x210Anoushka Nabili / Claire WilsonC2 J18Pinkston Panthers12:19:0014:57:00
x100Fiona Pennie / Gary GibsonC2 SCR Cats12:20:0014:58:00
x41Michael Brown / Angus GibsonC2 SCR Cats12:21:0014:59:00
12Michael Denvir / Vittorio PezzaioliC2 SForth CC/CR Cats12:22:0015:00:00
£x6Stewart Pitt / Steven TurnbullC2 MPinkston Panthers12:23:0015:01:00
29Findlay McLean / Taliesin McLeanRanked C2 29J16Breadalbane CC/Strathallan CC12:24:0015:02:00