2021Senior Selection

This competition will be for GB Senior Selection. The competition is only open to those paddlers who have qualified as detailed in the 2021 Selection Policy and any subsequent International Panel Statements.

Entry fee per boat is £50 for the two days of racing.  Entries from any paddlers not eligible will be rejected and refunded, but the Admin fee will not be refunded. 

Selection points will follow Selection Policy.

This event will be run under any Covid restrictions in force at the time of the race and further details will be communicated nearer the time.

Canoe Slalom Entries

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Entries Accepted To Date

Please note this is a list of entries only, the running order may well be different.

A list of RTC code meanings is at the bottom of the entries page.


K1M (23 entries)

100Ben BrownPrem K1M 100J18Holme Pierrepont CCJUN
72Luke KevanePrem K1M 72J18Lower Wharfe CCJUN
58Cody BrownPrem K1M 58J16Lower Wharfe CC/Custom Shutter DesignJUN
42Thomas MayerPrem K1M 42J18Stafford & Stone CCJUN
32Sam LeaverPrem K1M 32J18Edinburgh Schools KC/Projecx032
28Eren YalkinPrem K1M 28U23Lee Valley PC029
27Finn Reilly-McQueenPrem K1M 27U23Holme Pierrepont CC028
26Jonathan AtkinsonPrem K1M 26SProteus CC027
25Matthew CurryPrem K1M 25U23Holme Pierrepont CC026
24Edward DickinsonPrem K1M 24U23Stafford & Stone CC025
22Robert FerniePrem K1M 22U23Holme Pierrepont CC024
18Finlay Yates-JonesPrem K1M 18U23Llandysul Paddlers/Vajda020
17Reilly VernonPrem K1M 17U23Holme Pierrepont CC019
14Stuart GerriePrem K1M 14SAberdeen KC016
13Sam MossPrem K1M 13SHolme Pierrepont CC015
10James BaileyPrem K1M 10SStafford & Stone CC013
9Jake BrownPrem K1M 9U23Tees Tigers012
7David PatersonPrem K1M 7U23Manchester CC011
5Ben HaylettPrem K1M 5U23Holme Pierrepont CC010
4Jonny DicksonPrem K1M 4U23CR Cats/Allatus Unity009
3Etienne ChappellPrem K1M 3U23Seren Dŵr/Llandysul Paddlers006
2Christopher BowersPrem K1M 2U23Stafford & Stone CC003
1Huw SwetnamPrem K1M 1SEyeTee005

K1W (17 entries)

54Tazmin BrownPrem K1W 54J18Proteus CCJUN
29Joanna Blythe-ShieldsPrem K1W 29J18Independent029
27Louise FerniePrem K1W 27J18Holme Pierrepont CC027
26Rachel EllisPrem K1W 26J18Lee Valley PC/Neustar026
22Helen RogersPrem K1W 22SCR Cats022
21Macy KangPrem K1W 21J18Holme Pierrepont CC021
19Madelaine JenningsPrem K1W 19U23Breadalbane CC019
18Daisy CooilPrem K1W 18U23Tees Tigers/Vajda018
15Phoebe SpicerPrem K1W 15U23Lee Valley PC017
13Bethan ForrowPrem K1W 13U23Lee Valley PC007
12Hannah BaileyPrem K1W 12SStafford & Stone CC015
7Gabrielle RidgePrem K1W 7SLlandysul Paddlers/Seren Dŵr011
6Amber MaslenPrem K1W 6SIndependent/GlenLyon Coffee / Dare2B006
5Lois LeaverPrem K1W 5U23Edinburgh Schools KC/Projecx010
4Megan Hamer-EvansPrem K1W 4U23Seren Dŵr004
3Nikita SetchellPrem K1W 3U23Holme Pierrepont CC008
2Mallory FranklinPrem K1W 2SWindsor & District CC001

C1M (19 entries)

42Philip SmithPrem C1M 42J18Winchester & District CCJUN
40Gabriel KeenPrem C1M 40J18Holme Pierrepont CCJUN
39Ryan WestleyPrem C1M 39SLower Wharfe CC001
34Edward McDonaldPrem C1M 34J16Holme Pierrepont CCJUN
32David FlorencePrem C1M 32SLloyds Register002
23Sonny ShevillPrem C1M 23J18Lee Valley PC024
21Robert FerniePrem C1M 21U23Holme Pierrepont CC023
20Michael DenvirPrem C1M 20U23Forth CC022
19Jake CoxPrem C1M 19U23Lee Valley PC021
18Luc RoylePrem C1M 18J18Stafford & Stone CC/FMS020
14James KettlePrem C1M 14U23Lee Valley PC012
13Zach PearsonPrem C1M 13U23Holme Pierrepont CC/Alexandra Workwear017
12Vittorio PezzaioliPrem C1M 12U23CR Cats016
9Alfie BootePrem C1M 9U23Stafford & Stone CC/Polyflon011
8Kurts Adams RozentalsPrem C1M 8U23Stafford & Stone CC010
7Sam MaingayPrem C1M 7U23Stafford & Stone CC/The Lewis Partnership009
5Peter LinkstedPrem C1M 5U23Independent007
3Will SmithPrem C1M 3SWinchester & District CC004
1William ConeyPrem C1M 1SLlandysul Paddlers/Seren Dŵr006

C1W (11 entries)

16Louise FerniePrem C1W 16J18Holme Pierrepont CC016
15Eilidh GibsonPrem C1W 15SStrathallan CC004
13Daisy CooilPrem C1W 13U23Tees Tigers014
12Ailsa GourlayPrem C1W 12U23Strathallan CC013
11Rachel EllisPrem C1W 11J18Lee Valley PC/Neustar012
8Joanna Blythe-ShieldsPrem C1W 8J18Independent011
7Ellis MillerPrem C1W 7U23Lee Valley PC007
6Phoebe SpicerPrem C1W 6U23Lee Valley PC010
4Sophie OgilviePrem C1W 4U23CR Cats/Allatus Unity003
3Bethan ForrowPrem C1W 3U23Lee Valley PC005
2Jada Mustafa-MoorePrem C1W 2U23Independent006