2021Washburn 2 Double

Subject to covid restrictions being eased on the 21st June, not getting delayed and a water release being available we intend to run the Div 2 slalom on Saturday June 26th only.  'Super' Saturday will see a Double Div 2 event on one day.

Entries open on the 14th of June.

This will be the first UK wide event of 2021 and we have to take COVID precautions.

Having taken advice on what it is likely we can and cannot do after the 21st June and that we must approach this cautiously, the following restrictions are expected.

No camping at the car park or the wood yard.

Only officials with totally self-contained vehicles will be allowed to stop on the car park.

Entrants must enter in advance and attend on their own wherever possible (a driver is permitted for children/if the entrant cannot drive).

Entries will be limited with priority given to divisional paddlers and there will be no judges runs or open event. Numbers will be limited to that which can safely be accommodated in the car park.

Sadly there are many things that will not be normal.

There will be no spectating, non competitors are not exempt from any then current rules about congregating.

There will be no unofficial practice

The food tent will not be operating

We will not be able to display cards/results and must discourage any protests, we will attempt to make details available on a local wifi network

We will not be issuing prizes, certificates will be sent via post instead

There will be a one way system in place on the riverside

All attending (including children) should practice social distancing and wearing masks is encouraged when not near their car or on a run

Canoe Slalom Entries

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Entries Accepted To Date

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